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Body by Blood: Blog Tour Wrapup

by Kellyn Roth |
October 13, 2018

Body by Blood‘s blog tour is over! And Kell (and this blog) gets a break for a couple weeks to focus on things other than blog tours. ?

Also, I know I haven’t been super consistent about posting other than these blog tour beginnings and endings. But that shall change!

I have an update at the end of this post (and then we’ll be getting back into the swing of things Monday, until Beyond Her Calling launches ?).

About the Book

Dr. Raymond Verity came back to life today. Awakening from an optical-cerebral transplant into a clone body, Ray is amazed at how society changed in the 27 years he was cryo-preserved. Having pioneered cloning technology based on fetal tissue experiments, he has no qualms destroying imperfect samples. Until he meets his only granddaughter and falls in love with her despite her Down Syndrome. When he discovers that Mary Nell is scheduled to be “replaced” by her genetically-perfect duplicate, Dr. Verity embarks on a desperate mission to atone for his past sins. Can he save both Mary Nell and her clone?

Body by Blood is a futuristic thriller which takes you on a heart-pounding journey that will call into question your core beliefs about life.

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About the Author

Dr. Patrick Johnston is a family physician, the father of ten children, the founder of the Association of Pro-Life Physicians and the director of Personhood Ohio. He has authored ten fiction novels including The Reliant, releasing soon as a major motion picture starring Kevin Sorbo, two film scripts, and one non-fiction workbook. You can learn more about Dr. Johnston and his family and ministry at www.Johnston.house.

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And the winner is …


Before you go …


Y’all knew you couldn’t escape long without one.

I got a fundraiser up.

If you’re able to donate a couple bucks to Reveries Co., we’d appreciate it! These fees will be used to get the website up so we can start helping writers and author succeed!

Beyond Her Calling is available for preorder.

We’re on track to publish on the 20th!

I started a new book!

I know, it needs work, but hey, it’s just a WIP cover! What do you expect?

Le brief excerpt:

Neil Hudson mumbled words his mama would wash his mouth out for under his breath as snowflakes began drifting down from the gray sky to the cobblestone streets. Back home in Arizona, snow was a unicorn-like anomaly, and he liked it that way. Hot sun, dry air, and wide open spaces.

There were a few whoops of pleasure from the other G.I.’s at his table. Chief among them was his best buddy, Kelly O’Malley. Kell ought to be cheerful; he hailed from Minnesota. This was June weather for him, as they’d often joked.

“Say, ain’t there a song for just this occasion?” Kell shouted. He jumped up on his chair and waved a crushed cap about. “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful …”

The next words rang in Neil’s ears before he even heard them. “And since we’ve no place to go …” His meaning for the lyrics were different than the writer’s intention, but it worked either way, he supposed.

No place to go. Stuck in Germany, probably through the winter, maybe even into the spring. The summer. The fall. And the stupid winter again.

“Hey, get off that chair before you break something, won’t you?” he growled at Kell. “Last thing these people need is an American soldier bustin’ up their place.”

Kell slid back into his seat.

I have no plot beyond Neil being grumpy and Kell being fun, but yeah. It’s set in post-WW2 Germany when Americans were still hanging out.

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We’re now on …

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Thanks and until next time,


~Kellyn Roth~

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Well … what do you think of all the updates? Are you excited for Beyond Her Calling? What about Soldier’s Wish? (might release it as a quick Christmas short story freebie) Interested in contributing to the fundraiser? ??

What do you think of my thoughts?

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What do you think of my thoughts?

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