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Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 3

by Kellyn Roth |
October 22, 2018

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the third day of the Beyond Her Calling blog tour! Wow, the days are going fast, am I right?

Today is Ivy Day! Which means from this point forward, the post shall belong to one Miss Ivy Knight, and she shall talk about her story and give some bio details about her (in case you haven’t met before), etc.


Unofficial Blurb

Hello! I’m Ivy Knight, and I’m going to talk a bit now! (That my picture.)

Here’s the blurb (with some edits from me!):

A clean and pure Christian historical romance with:

-friendship to romance (which is actually based on love) (awwww! ?)

-mental disabilities rep (so this means “talking about me and Violet and us not being treated like idiots”) (isn’t that an odd way of saying it?)

-Scotland (it is lovely!)

-awkwardness (… yes … ?)

-kittens (HOLLY! My little angel! ?❤?)

-cows (and being afraid of cows) (yes …)

-BORDER COLLIES (is that what Bean is?)

-small adorable children (Keira, Mairi, even my siblings, I suppose!)

-more Scotland (true!)

-awesome families (The McAllens, the McCales, the Owens … I’d even say the Knights!)

-siblings and best friends and both at once (???)

Read More About the Book

Right now it’s only available in Kindle, but paperback shall follow as soon as Kindle Direct Publishing gets its stuff together! (Hopefully today? I don’t know! Kellyn says it’ll be soon!)

Today’s Posts

Character Interview (Ivy) // Loretta Marchize @ Just Writing

Here’s a character interview I did with Miss Loretta Marchize! I talk about my favorite people, being jealous of Alice (or rather, I’m not), and my best day … among other things.

Review // Andrea Cox @ Writing to Inspire

I love this review! ? Miss Cox said some very kind things about me and my book, and about Miss Roth (which is wonderful because I do like Miss Roth despite it all).

Here are my faces for this review: ???????

Character Interview (Jordy) // Liz @ Home with the Hummingbirds

An interview with Jordy! He’s so silly. Also, I didn’t know he liked cows so much – that’s rather odd. Cows are so big. ?

Author & Character Interview (Violet) // Julia @ Julia’s Creative Corner

Oh, Violet! I know she’s not a particular likable person, but I still love her. ? Poor dear just needs some loving.

There’s also an author interview!

Review & Character Spotlight (Ivy) // Caroline Kloster @ Inside the Autistic Life

This is the blog of someone who is autistic which is similar to me. ? She’ll probably have the review and spotlight up soon. ❤

The Schedule

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Book Spotlight // Abigail Harder @ Books, Life, and Christ

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Ivy Day!

Well, now I get to talk for a bit. Before I start, I want to put all the nice things Kellyn said about me here. ? They make me happy!

Also, if you don’t know anything about me, this is the place to start! If you already know me, you can skip this section and go on to the next!


Ivy is a twenty-year-old young woman from Kent in England who spends her spare time reading and enjoying music. She is also the main character of Ivy Introspective and Beyond Her Calling, and she’s a side character in the other Chronicles of Alice and Ivy books. Her perfect day would be spent inside playing the piano with her loved ones nearby. Find out more at facebook.com/musicofivyadeline

About Ivy:

Full Name: Ivy Adeline Knight

Birthdate: January 1st, 1862

Personality Type: INFP

Personality Info:

Ivy prizes peace above all else. She trusts only a few, but those few completely. Refreshingly innocent, she always seeks a simple solution to problems, avoiding the more complicated ones others come up with, often lending a new insight. She’s introverted and needs plenty of time away from other people to think. Busy days, loud noises, and bright colors often overwhelm her; she loves everything muted and simplistic. She is timid and shy, oftentimes slow to learn and react. There was never a more faithful friend. She loves music, especially playing the piano, and she loves to read.


Ivy is of average height (5’5”). Her skin is almost unnaturally pale but when she’s embarrassed it quickly blushes pink. Some would describe her as angelically beautiful. She has big blue eyes and golden blonde hair. She resembles her mother strongly.


Ivy was weak and delicate at birth. Especially susceptible to illness, through her infancy and childhood she was almost constantly ill, and it’s practically a miracle that she lived. Doctors blamed Ivy’s illnesses for her “weakened mental state,” though of course this is not true.

Ivy was born in Yorkshire but her mother moved to London shortly after her and Alice’s birth. She spent the first eleven years of her life without a father. When her parents were reunited, they moved to Pearlbelle Park, her father’s Kent estate.

Ivy’s parents ended up deciding to send her to McCale House, a school/hospital in Scotland to (rich) mentally ill children. Though many children were sent there because their parents wished to forget about them, that wasn’t the motive of her parents, and Ivy was able to return to Pearlbelle Park after a few months at McCale House where, among other things, she learned to play the piano. That was also when she met Jordy McAllen, Dr. McCale’s assistant, and Violet Angel, another patient/student at McCale House.


Mr. Philip and Mrs. Claire Knight, Alice (twin sister), Ned, Caleb, Jack, and Rebecca (younger siblings), Peter Strauss (brother-in-law).

Random Facts:

  • Ivy’s name has actual meaning. Ivy, the plant, is a symbol of faithfulness and fidelity. Her second name, Adeline, has to do with her twin. Both Alice and Adeline mean ‘noble.’
  • Ivy has a form of autism (high-functioning), acute anxiety, and is generally just super imaginative and introverted (which is not related to her being neurologically atypical).
  • Ivy is four minutes younger than Alice and was two pounds lighter than her at birth. She’s now three inches shorter.

I Get to Talk

I wasn’t sure quite what I wanted to talk about when Kellyn gave me this opportunity. But then Kellyn said, “I’m making a graphic. Follow the graphic. Don’t get lost.”

Pictures are nice. Pictures are helpful.

So this is “a post by Ivy.” ?

“Fun facts about her” are above, but I can give you some more.

Fun Facts

  1. Alice names our first kitten “Kitty.” I don’t remember when we got her.
  2. I never had an imaginary friend, though Alice did for a bit. (She won’t admit it if you ask.)
  3. I always had my music, though, which was about the same – though I promise you it’s not imaginary.
  4. My favorite cover in the series is actually the Beyond Her Calling one. The other ones are considerably brighter, and I prefer muted colors.
  5. (Is it too silly that my favorite color is ivy green?)
  6. Tea over coffee, any day! (Sorry, Peter.)
  7. Flowers are amazing. So glad God decided to make them!

And talking about my life … hmm. Not sure what Kellyn meant about that. But I’ll give it a try!

My Life

I know things aren’t ideal, but I don’t hate my life. At least not like Violet does.

I’ve been immeasurably blessed.

With loving parents, a great big sister, an honorary big brother, and of course Ned, Caleb, Jackie, and Rebecca.

With my music.

And of course with Nettie, Violet, the McCales, Kirk Manning …

With Jordy.

I think the too many people look at my life and say, “Poor thing. She can’t even think for herself. She’s weak. She needs help.”

I look at my life and say, “Here is a girl who God put on this earth, gave a certain set of talents and skills different from the norm, and put people in her lives who can help her learn to use them.”

I have a beautiful, bright, perfect future ahead of me! It won’t always be easy.

Life isn’t beautiful, bright, or perfect sometimes. But if I have anything to say about it, it will be filled with God’s strength, grace, and love. What could be better?

So that’s what I have to say about my life.

Plans for the Future

I talked about this a bit before, but I see a bright future in front of me.

Now, there are going to be a few spoilers (for BHC) in the next three sections (until you see the swirly purple thing), so skim if you don’t want them!

A couple questions people have asked me:

  • Do you want children?

I do, but I also don’t! Is that odd? I suppose I want children, but I don’t want to hurt them or something. But I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me!

  • How many?

In an ideal world, a boy and a girl, but I can’t make those decisions. Whatever God wants me to have, I suppose!

But this is supposing He chooses to bless us.

  • How about pets?

Well, if Jordy really wants a dog, we’ll get a dog. But if he doesn’t? Then we won’t get a dog, because I don’t want one at all.

Of course we have Holly, and I imagine I’ll get another kitten eventually. I just love kittens!

  • Where will the wedding be?

*blushes* Oh, goodness.

Well, we haven’t talked about it a great deal, but

  • Did Jordy ask your father for permission?

Kellyn says to say, “That happens in chapter twenty.” ??

Jordy just gets forgetful of these things … ?

  • In the epilogue you’re at Pearlbelle Park for *reasons*, but where do you imagine Jordy and you will live?

Now, Kellyn doesn’t have the “post-epilogue” me here today … it’s a bit confusing! But we’ve talked about this, so I know the answer.

Jordy and I will live in Keefmore unless Jordy needs to travel. He wants to be involved with raising awareness about people like me, and I for one am glad of it – so we may be running to Edinburgh or London on occasion so he can give a speech or some such.

But Keefmore is home.

  • What do you foresee being issues in your marriage?

I’m actually not comfortable talking about this a lot, as I feel it’s rather private, and I can’t think of any really. It’s too new.

I can see that it might be difficult for us to adjust to each other on a permanent basis as we are so different. But I think we will adjust – and really, we’re stronger because we’re different.

  • Are you taking Jordy’s name? Did Alice take Peter’s?

Of course we are! How silly. (I suppose you asked because of the Face Book pages, but we can’t use our married names because of “spoilers.”)

I for one think Ivy McAllen has a nice ring …

And that’s about all I want to talk about the future! Anything more would be incredibly spoilery – we’ve already taken it too far!

Baby Names???

Oh, golly. *blushes* ?

Well, again, I’m pre-epilogue, so I know I’ll know more when I “live through that,” but:

For girls …

  • Marie (for my mother)
  • Alice (obviously)
  • Annette (Nettie!)
  • Violet (Jordy doesn’t care for it, but I’ll talk him into it!)
  • Arietta (musical term)
  • Melody
  • Carol
  • Celeste
  • Medley (Jordy really true the line here, but I still think it’s pretty …)
  • Vespers (this was also denied by the father, but wouldn’t it be interesting?)

If I have a baby girl, I’d probably name her Marie something and call her “Molly” like my mama.

And for a boy …

  • Walter
  • George (of course!)
  • Callum (for Dr. McCale)
  • Albert

I’d probably go with Walter Callum or Walter George. (Jordy probably won’t let me use George as a first name.) I don’t have a lot of boy names, really.

Only a Mother

There haven’t been a lot of details about what Only a Mother is about, but here are a few small things you can look forward to (according to Miss Roth, not me):

  • McAllen/Kendrick/Blakely children.
    • Which means I’m not the only one getting married! *squeals*
  • Sisters having common sense.
    • … Oh. Okay. *trying not to be too terribly confused*
  • Violet finally getting some happiness!
    • Can’t be grateful enough for this. ?
  • Or maybe Violet just gets money … either way.
    • KELLYN.
  • Some darker themes.
    • Like what?
  • Not telling Ivy about the darker themes until you have to live them out.
    • Please?
  • No.
  • Extreme emotional pain.
    • As always!
  • Sheep.
    • … I don’t know what that entails, but it sounds fun!

Kell wanted me to say … she’s hosting a couple “blog tours” when this one is over!

The Reluctant Disciple and Blood Moon Redemption are the books. Click for more info!

~Ivy Knight~


Did you enjoy this post? Was it interested? What did you think of today’s blog posts? You can ask me as many questions as you want in the comments!

All my love, Ivy

What do you think of my thoughts?

13 Responses

  1. HEY THERE IVY. I love your post ^-^ I also loved reading your story and you’re such a beautiful person and I hope your future is as bright as Kell can make it because if it isn’t why I’ll … take revenge on her.


    Say hello to Vi and Jordy and Alice for me ^-^

    xx Lisa

      1. Oh, probably Mozart? Or Bach? Or … well, I don’t know. Beethoven is quite nice, though! I really couldn’t pick a favorite! (Peter’s gotten me into Strauss, though. 😉 )

  2. Ivy, hi, it’s Gale!!! 😀 Jo has to go research the Reformation so I got her laptop! I am so so glad you got your own post to yourself and it’s lovely and I’m even happier Jordy and you got together!! Sorry, too many exclamation marks. XD And you listen Ms. Roth don’t you dare let anything bad happen to Ivy or Jordy or Violet or Alice or I will come personally and make you change it! Yikes that’s Jo now I better gooooo..


    1. Ooh, always love to steal someone’s “laptop,” haha! 😛 And of course we shall be happy! I’m sure Miss Roth only means what’s best for us, but it doesn’t feel like it sometimes …

      Hope you don’t get in trouble!


  3. I enjoyed reading your post, Ivy! I have to say, you’re beautiful, and lovely, and adorable, and I just love you so much. <3


  4. Hi Ivy! Your post was full of fantastic information about you and I loved learning more! ALSO BORDER COLLIES. I’ll have to finish BHC soon so I can read those questions with the spoilers!

    Thanks for sharing! 😀


  5. I seriously need to read ivy introspective!! I’m really excited to. Definitely in the next month I’ll get to it and the rest of the series!

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