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Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 4

by Kellyn Roth |
October 23, 2018

Hullo, folks! Welcome tae th’ fourth day o’ th’ Beyond Her Calling blog tour! Jordy McAllen here!

Today is Jordy Day! Which means we shall talk about me an’ me an’ me. (An’ I’m no’ givin’ ye a “glossary,” so ye better keep up with me brogue!)

An’ now, let’s talk about Jordy McAllen (e.g. me)! (an’ th’ blog posts an’ th’ book an’ th’ giveaway an’ all that great lot!)

Unofficial Blurb

Here’s th’ blurb (with some edits from me!):

A clean and pure Christian historical romance with:

-friendship to romance (which is actually based on love)

A’RIGHT. First, it was always a romance – certain parties (e.g. both parties) just werena aware o’ it for most o’ th’ book.

Second, are no’ all romances based on love?? If no’, what kind o’ world do we live in?

-mental disabilities rep

Well, tha’s one dandified way o’ puttin’ it … but sure.




What? Me? Nawwww … ???


Tha’s because I’m a sweetheart. ??

-cows (and being afraid of cows)

This is ridiculous! Nothin’ about a cow tha’ can hurt ye! Cows are gentle creatures by nature. *eyeroll* ?


Heh. Only th’ one, but sure …

-small adorable children

Ach, are no’ children th’ best? I dinna know why I love th’ wee bairns … they can get in so much trouble, but they’re sweet!

-more Scotland


-awesome families

Me own bein’ the principle. ?

-siblings and best friends and both at once


Read More About the Book

Only available in Kindle still, but paperback shall follow!

Today’s Posts

Author Interview // Faith Blum @ Bookish Orchestrations

This is th’ first post o’ th’ day! It’s by Mrs. Faith Blum (’tis a pen name, I’m told, an’ I canna pronounce her true surname!).

Anyway, it has a lovely author interview with Miss Roth. She mostly talks about writin’, which isna me favorite, but there’s talk about food at th’ very end! Well, pizza and pasta, anyway.

Review & Guest Post // Cara @ Jessie Bingham

Th’ next post in th’ tour is a “guest post’ by Miss Roth, this time over at “Jessie Bingham.” It talks about why ye should take a break between drafts o’ yer novel.
I dinna have a thing tae say about this, no’ bein’ a writer, but ye can look at it!

Th’ review is always lovely! Got tae love th’ picture o’ Bean!

Guest Post // Lindsi @ One Beginner To Another

Another “about writin'” guest post. Honestly, will they never stop? Where’s a guest post about swashbucklin’ adventures an’ pirates an’ monsters an’ knights in shinin’ armor?
But I suppose tha’s too much to hope for.
Anyways, this post is about researchin’ for Beyond Her Calling.

Character Spotlight (Ena) // Shannon McDermott @ Shannon’s Blog

This post talks about me dear friend, Ena Owen. Ena is a fantastic woman, really – an’ as her biography indicates, she loves givin’ inspirational speeches!
So definitely visit this post tae learn more about her.

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The Giveaway

Enter th’ giveaway tae win a paperback copy o’ Beyond Her Calling! (USA & International!) (which means me Scottish friends can enter!) (an’ people from other countries, tae …)

Enter Now!

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Jordy McAllen Day!

A wee “graphic” tae work off o’. ?

So, here we go.

A Post by Jordy

This is one. Same as with Ivy. So naw need for a section about tha’! Ye all can just call this whole post a “section.”

So first let’s talk about me!

About Me


Jordy is a former farm lad from the small village of Keefmore, Scotland who has since become a medical doctor. He worked at McCale House, a home for “simpletons,” for many years, which was a wonderful experience. He loves Scotland, people, and good food. He’s a minor character in Ivy Introspective and goes on to take a leading role in Beyond Her Calling.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/drjordymcallen/

Fun Info About Jordy

Full Name: George “Jordy” Albert McAllen

Birthdate: March 1858

Personality Type: ESFP

Personality Info

Jordy loves people. Talking to them, spending time with them, and especially doing crazy things with them. That said, he’s tamed down his “wild side” in his determination to be a respectable doctor. He really does want to help people in any way he can. He’s a strange mix of sensible and enthusiastic; he’s an optimistic realist, you might say. He loves being outside in nature, more active games, and he never turned his nose up at a good meal.


Jordy has tends-to-get-messy red-brown hair and honey-gold eyes. He firmly believes he isn’t a redhead—though he’s delusional. He’s of average height and weight.


Jordy was born and raised in the small village of Keefmore in Scotland. At age 12, he decided he wanted to be a doctor. When Jordy met Dr. McCale, he was offered a job as an assistant at the McCale House, a boarding school for mentally challenged children. That’s where he meets Ivy—and of course Violet, too.

At eighteen, he went to London to begin his formal education as a doctor of medicine. And that’s what he’s returning from at the beginning of Beyond Her Calling.


Mr. Albert and Mrs. Annis McAllen, Edith “Edi” (sister), Benjamin “Benji,” Michael “Mick,” Albert “Alby,” and Thomas “Tas” (brothers).

Random Facts

  • Jordy loves to dance. He’s not necessarily good at dancing, but he loves to dance …
  • Even Jordy doesn’t know quite where his nickname came from. But he does prefer it over stuffy George Albert.
  • Jordy likes dogs, but if he were to pick an animal companion, it would definitely be a cow. Unfortunately, his mother never took kindly to him bringing cattle into the cottage.

Fun Facts About Him


I’m no’ very interestin’, ye realize? An’ so ye’ve already used up th’ lion’s fair o’ th’ “Fun Facts About Him.”

But here’s a couple more.

  • I love th’ color green best. Naw, no’ because o’ Ivy … well, a bit …
  • No’ really a tea person … or a coffee person. But if I had to choose, coffee.
  • FOOD. All th’ good food! Whoever invented cooking was a genius.
  • Savory over sweet. Always.
  • I hate spiders. (Who doesna?)
  • Me favorite season is summer. WARMTH! Even if it’s no’ very warm …
  • An’ I dinna like th’ cold at all. (Who does?)

There. Some Jordy facts. ?

Childhood in Keefmore

Me childhood is Keefmore was wonderful! I ran all over th’ place an’ died in a couple lochs an’ got in all sorts of mischief.

Now, granted, I was a bit o’ a town fool. Tha’s probably because I almost burnt th’ barn twice an’ burnt th’ bread more than once … no’ tae mention all th’ eggs dropped an’ milk spoiled.

I can be a bit clumsy.

Overall, though, I had a grand time!

Tristan Kendrick is me best friend, an’ we always did things together. Sometimes we’d get in more trouble than it was worth! More often than no’, though, we got out of it!

Life at McCale House

Beyond Her Calling doesna have a great deal o’ scenes set at McCale House – ye see more o’ it in Ivy Introspective.

However, I spent all th’ time from when I was twelve until I was sixteen, or thereabouts, at McCale House. An’ it was grand!

While there, I was workin’ hard tae help Dr. McCale an’ prepare tae go tae medical school! An’ considerin’ tha’ I wasna a star pupil before then, I think I did well enough.

There were good times. Dr. and Mrs. McCale have taken me as an adopted son o’ sorts, an’ I love them very much. (They’re as dear tae me as me own folks.)

An’ I love workin’ with people like Violet an’ Ivy. They just need a wee bit o’ extra help, an’ if I can give them that, well, I love tae!

Plans for the Future

Wee spoilers here, perhaps. ? Just for this next section, though. Skip tae th’ next one if ye want tae avoid spoilers!

All th’ spoiler-free freaks have gone, right?


So, obviously I’m goin’ tae marry Miss Ivy Knight an’ take her home an’ make her mine, but … I havena really thought it out past that?

Children, I suppose? Someday? Not necessarily in th’ first year or two, though, if I were tae plan it (which I canna).

I imagine we’ll live at Keefmore for a bit an’ then someday I’ll end up managing McCale House (though hopefully not for years tae come).


The McAllen Lads???

Tha’s right … before Only a Mother comes out, we’ve got a four-part series comin’ yer way!

I canna reveal titles or plots or anythin’ o’ th’ sort yet, but suffice tae say they’re about me brothers (an’ are all clean Scottish romances in which everyone is always wearing a shirt – Kellyn asked me tae add tha’, though dinna ask me what it means ??).


Kell wants me tae say … she’s hosting two “blog tours” when this one is over!

The Reluctant Disciple and Blood Moon Redemption are th’ books. Click for more info!

~Jordy McAllen~


What did ye think o’ me post? Ask me a question in th’ comments! I’ll be here forever. *is locked in a blog post until me next book comes out, help* Do ye like th’ sound o’ th’ McAllen Lads series? Who writes a better blog post – me or Ivy? ? (But dinna answer tha’ …)

Sincerely, Jordy McAllen

What do you think of my thoughts?

16 Responses

  1. Hey Jordy! Gale’s been banished to her book (Ha!) So it’s just me. XD Can I just say I love your accent? There, I said it. It’s awesome. Also..
    “A’RIGHT. First, it was always a romance – certain parties (e.g. both parties) just werena aware o’ it for most o’ th’ book.” <— This was hilarious! Who exactly figured it out first, hm? 😉 Also, we had similar childhoods! Especially the dying part. And you admitted it! You're a sweetheart! 😛

  2. Ooh, The McAllen Lads … Sounds interesting! Although I have to say, at this point, Jordy, I don’t think any of your brothers could be quite as charming as you. 😉


  3. Jordy, your post was great! You gave me a good laugh ?
    I agree with your opinion that all food is wonderful- but must disagree that Summer is the best season. Winter all the way!

  4. Ahhhh I wish I could have had my blog tour stop today so Jordy would talk about it haha!! The McAllen Lads series sounds awesome, I can’t wait to learn more about the boys!!

What do you think of my thoughts?

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