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5 Reasons I Don’t Think Girls Should Only Wear Dresses

by Kellyn Roth |
January 19, 2019

[Note: this is an old blog post. The takes in this post may no longer apply to what the author currently believes and/or the information may be outdated. Please take all that is written here with a grain of salt.]

Y’all know I’m not a traditional Christian in some respects … and in others, I’m super traditional! Today I’d like to tackle one of the subjects which has come up in my life a lot and which spatters the internet, churches, and basically anywhere you look: modesty.

I don’t want to take on all of modesty (that would be unbelievably difficult without offending 5 bajillion people on both sides of the argument), but I do want to address the great pants vs. dresses debate.

So let me give you my reasons why I wear practically nothing but pants … and at the end of this post, you’ll see my reasons why YOU need to make this decision for yourself (or in accordance to your family’s rules).

5 Reasons I Don’t Think Girls Should Only Wear Dresses

1: If it’s immodest for women, it’s immodest for men.

I’m sorry, but the anatomical differences between men and women aren’t great enough in that particular area that women need to have a separate dress code than men.

Obviously men and women should have different requirements for modesty on the top half (duh!), but … not so much the bottom one? ?

Sure, women are a little curvier, sometimes, but … if you feel that’s an issue, not all pants are form-fitting (though I prefer them to be; too much material makes me antsy).

2: There’s no definite claim in the Bible to say otherwise.

God does want men to dress as men and women to dress as women (Deuteronomy 22:5), but nowhere is it given exactly what makes clothes male and female. That depends entirely on societal constraints.

Actually, when these laws were made, both men and women wore similar clothing! Men’s were a bit simpler, but they were both robe-like thingys with tunics and whatnot.

And you know what? Nowadays, we consider pants to be the property of both men and women.

3: Let’s not be set apart in any more areas than we have to.

We Christians HAVE to be separate from the world! We have to have different morals, different standards, and, most important of all, a different God.

But, while it’s important to be set apart, it’s also important to minister to and not scare people off with our, well, weirdness. (Not that there’s a thing with being weird … as long as that’s not interfering with God’s desire for us to read people!)

“When in Rome, do as the Romans” is a worldly standard, but in some ways, it applies to Christians. Obviously because the world is killing babies and sleeping around, we shouldn’t.

But if you go to minister to Africans and refuse to participate in regular old traditions which have nothing to do with morality, you’re turning them off … same goes with our dress!

4: To me, it’s just another form of legalism.

Christians suffer from a very wicked sin most of the rest of the world doesn’t struggle with quite as much: legalism.

This is a kind of pride centered around our desire to be different and sinless and make rules where there aren’t. The Pharisees did the exact same thing; they took the Old Testament laws and made another and another.

Christians, in short, want more rules! More regulations, more barriers. Yet Jesus Christ has set us free from all that.

So let’s not make up rules, y’all. God already gave us some great ones, and we can’t even keep those! We have to rely on His grace for everything.

Let’s focus not on our inability to meet God’s standards but rather the fact that He’s given us a free pass despite our sins!

5: It’s so impractical.

I know you can do anything in a dress—lots of people have told me that—but it sure is harder! I hate wearing dresses, and it’s a pain to even wear one once a week for church.

It’s incredibly difficult to do all the things I want to do in a dress! Probably, in time, I’d learn how, but I don’t want to, and I don’t intend to. (Also, as a farm-girl, can you imagine?!) (If you’re a dress-wearing farmgirl, you probably can imagine …)

I’m only comfy in jeans and a t-shirt! And I would call myself modest, more so than most, and I think I could go a lot further than I go without even touching the boundaries of modesty, honestly.

Now for the disclaimers.

  • If your parents say you must wear dresses all the time, and you are under 18/living in their home, wear nothing but dresses.
  • If you personally feel more comfortable doing so, wear nothing but dresses.
  • If you feel that wearing dresses makes you more modest or you feel that the Spirit is leading you to, wear nothing but dresses.

Does it matter?

Not to me. I’d say wear whatever you want to wear—though, of course, consulting God about every little thing is definitely the way to go!

If it matters to you, if it makes you feel better about yourself or more right with God, then it’s right. Convictions are important! Never abandon yours.

In the end, I’m not saying, “THOU SHALT WEAR PANTS.” No, I’m not saying that at all! I’m saying, to me, wearing pants just doesn’t matter (for the reasons outlined above), and for you, it may matter!

So no, I won’t get into debates over this in the comments. I’ve read all the Bible verses supposedly associated with this debate, I’ve listened to all the arguments about modesty and femininity … and I disagree!

But is it important enough to me to argue about it with you, my darling friend (or some random person off the internet who I don’t care two sticks about)? No. It is not.

In summary, wear what you feel is right for you to wear … and I’ll wear what I feel is right for me to wear.

Not because you or I want to rebel, or because the opposite of it would be a sin for anyone else. But because it’s a personal conviction (or because no such conviction exists).

Well, thanks for reading that! Again, no offense intended … I’m not telling you how to live; I’m sharing my decisions about my own life with you. You’re welcome to comment your personal beliefs and discuss them. ?

Thanks so much and see y’all Monday!


~Kellyn Roth~


What are your thoughts on this article and my controversial opinions and whatnot? ? Do you enjoy this type of post or do my rantings get boring?

What do you think of my thoughts?

77 Responses

  1. This was… a well-made argument. Personally I wear pretty standard modern clothes, but I’ve never been able to formulate a concise five point reasons of why like this. First point especially. Anyways, I enjoyed reading it!

  2. Great way to state your opinion! 🙂 Personally, I feel okay wearing both pants and skirts (but never full-length dresses. please no), and I agree that this is an overly-debated topic. And I would love to beta-read TLOTV, except I currently can’t access Google [anything]! Could I still have a spot?

  3. Personally, I hate dresses :’D And I don’t really have any friends who always wear dresses, but I like the reasons you give! I could read your rants all day. Um I really really really hope I can beta-read, prolly depends on the amount of people that also want to! YAYY GJ ON THE BLURB KELL 😀

    1. Yep, I’m not a fan myself. 😛 I don’t know why, but I’m just instantly ill-at-ease in a dress…

      Ahh, I hope you can, too! ‘Twould be amazing to have you!

  4. Ahhh I agree with this post so so much!! Finally someone who gets my perspective. XD I hate it how women are so often blamed for causing men to stumble… yes, I believe we should be modest, but I don’t believe we should be blamed for men’s actions because ultimately that’s a heart/mind issue. I honestly think it’s however big a deal you make it. 🙂 Thanks for this post, Kellyn!

  5. I completely agree. I’m a girly girl and live skirts more than pants myself, but for practicality’s sake, I have to wear pants more often then not. If someone has a religious compulsion to wear only skirts, like I possibly do on Sundays, good for them; I won’t judge the servant if another. In fact, I think if we all remembered Romans 14 on both sides of any argument… there wouldn’t be so many arguments or legalism.

    1. YES! Exactly. I always wish I’d remembered to quote a Bible verse, and that was the one I was thinking of … but couldn’t find because I never know where anything is. *facepalm* I can recite lots of Bible verses but am hopeless at remembering their location. Ughhh … step it up, Kell! 😛

      I’m not so much a girly-girl, but I get that if I was, I’d totally want to wear dresses … my sister does a lot, just because I think she likes to look nice! 🙂

  6. Loved this post! I’m most comfy in jeans and a jumper tbh (it’s cold here) but sometimes it’s nice to get dolled up for a special occasion. That said, I hate ankle/floor length dresses because I have balance problems as it is without tripping over trailing hems. Knee-mid calf is sufficient. Basically, if it’s comfy and modest and I can run in it, I’ll wear it 🙂 I don’t think that modesty is entirely about what you wear. I know girls that only ever wear long skirts and very conservative clothes but are still the most outrageous flirts.

    Also, I’ve signed up to beta because I love your writing so I know it’ll be good 🙂

    1. YEP! Exactly! Modesty is very much a heart issue … and too many people make it about wearing the baggiest clothing and showing the least skin ONLY … and yes, I think there’s something to not obviously flaunting yourself, but you can wear a gorilla suit (I’m thinking full chimpanzee body suit lolll) and STILL be immodest. 😛

      And aww, I’m so glad! <3 Thanks for signing up!

  7. Because I knew I agreed with your conclusion (listen to God and parents on what you wear, and that you personally wear pants), the specific reasons you listed actually caught me by surprise. My thoughts, as a disciple of Jesus and a married woman, not all at to debate with you, but to provide perspective, if that makes sense:

    1: “If it’s immodest for women, it’s immodest for men.” Not only do I happen to see the bottom-half differences as much more than the top-half differences myself, the cut and style of men’s pants is nearly always on the loose side, while women’s pants are often much more fitted and finding an equivalently-to-men-modest pair is more difficult for a woman. So yes, actual pants-made-for-men might be fine on a woman, but what woman wants to wear that? ? (Pants CAN be modest. Just addressing point 1, not that fact.)

    2: “There’s no definite claim in the Bible to say otherwise.” Okay, I can accept that statement. 🙂 Though it does make me wonder if God’s perfect design for clothes (not that His original design included clothes at all!) was much different than ours today… hmm, He made “coats” for Adam and Eve…

    3: “Let’s not be set apart in any more areas than we have to.” I understand cultural sensitivity, but I am a disciple of Jesus. I’m not “doing as the Romans.” I’m doing as Jesus and letting Him love through me and therefore seeking to be as absolutely set apart and holy and sanctified to Him as I can! (After all, I can only be as set apart as He is, which is completely!) (Again, I’m not saying wearing pants is being less set apart than dresses though – just listen to Jesus!)

    4: “To me, it’s just another form of legalism.” First, it’s kind of funny that we Christians so often are quick to decry legalism as sin and yet tolerate all kinds of “illegal”/against God’s law things. Yet the freedom we have in Christ is freedom to actually LIVE UP TO God’s standard for the first time, not freedom to toss it out. Before Christ, we could only break the law and His standard. Now, He keeps and fulfills it in us! There should definitely be no pride attached to that because it’s certainly not our own merit. That said, the only “rule” about what you wear ought to be wearing Christ’s righteousness. If I choose to wear a dress, it’s because I love God and love the womanhood He’s created me with, certainly not because it’s a rule I have to follow.

    5: “It’s so impractical.” Okay, I can accept that as well, as your opinion/experience. And I certainly agree that some dresses aren’t at all practical! However, there are dresses/skirts that I find quite practical and sometimes easier/more comfortable than any sort of pants, and as a young tomboy growing up, I actually never felt the least bit hampered when wearing a skirt. So it’s probably just a matter of the type of dress/skirt or pants as well as what one gets used to. Still, if God wants me to wear pants or wear dresses, I want to definitely do it no matter how impractical or uncomfortable I find it. 🙂

    So – do I care if a woman wears only pants, only dresses, or pants every even-numbered day and dresses in between? Not in the least! I only care that we’re growing in Jesus and seeking His face more every day in all our life’s decisions!

    1. I mean, obviously, I disagree, but it doesn’t matter because like you said what matters is what God convicts in us … our personal relationship with Him. And, honestly, I think a lot of worrying about what other people do (unless you know they’re your children or in authority to tell you what to do) is pretty useless … just be in God yourself! (which is basically what you said; just rephrasing)

  8. I agree. It would be one thing if the Bible was specific about what exactly men’s clothes vs. women’s clothes look like, but it’s not. And yet I don’t see the same people who go around saying that women need to always wear dresses having their men wear biblically accurate tunics. Ultimately the issue of modesty, as well as what women’s and men’s clothing are, has to come down to societal standards and personal convictions.

    I personally enjoy wearing girly dresses to church and certain other formal occasions but for the rest of my life it’s pants. Sorry to anyone who doesn’t agree with that but I’m not freezing my bare legs in winter, allowing every inch of my legs to get mosquito bitten in summer, nor am I going to struggle with a skirt when getting in and out of the car everywhere I go, risk pulling a Marilyn Monroe on extremely windy days (which would be extremely immodest :p) get my nice skirts dirty and destroyed digging in the garden, risk getting a skirt caught in the lawnmower… you get the point.

    It’s one thing if someone feels convicted to dress a certain way, then by all means I hope they dress that way. But to try to force that conviction on others who don’t feel the same conviction when the Bible itself is not specific about what the clothing should look like, it’s just like you said: legalism.

    1. Yep, that’s pretty much me! I’m a fairly active-ish girl, and I love the ability to move fast and freely … and like you … well, it’s so dang windy here, me and Marilyn would be twinsies. 😛

      Yep, I agree with you! I think convictions are the most important thing … and forcing your convictions on someone else? Never good!

  9. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this issue! I feel like it’s less of a modesty issue (within the Christian community, anyway–I know the secular world turns everything upside down and backwards), and more of a conviction, do-what-God-wants issue, like you said.

    I personally wear pants throughout the week, but on Sundays–or whenever I know I’ll be going out in public–I’ll wear a dress or skirt. Mainly because I want to have a pleasing presentation. (And I know from personal experience that people do appreciate nicer clothes, even if they themselves are wearing their “best” jeans.) I feel that the clothes one wears gives a measure of respect to the people we see–kind of like saying, “I care about you enough that I decided to dress up.” Or, if we just wake up in the morning and pick up the first clothes we see before heading out the door, that’s like saying, “I don’t care enough about the people I’ll see today to care about my presentation.” Obviously it’s usually not that harsh, nor do people consciously think that. But I do think people should think about what they wear, and not just in a “is this modest?” kind of way.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts!

      Yeah, I get that. Personally, I truly don’t care about my presentation all that much. 😛 Of course, I have to work 5 days a week at a place where it does matter, so I dress up every day for that, but otherwise … I guess I really don’t care! 😛 But that’s just me … I’m not the type who likes to dress up much except for things I must, like church or work or elsewise.

  10. I can see a lot of the perspective hear. Personally, I wear skirts ninety percent of the time because I just like them more and do think there more feminine, but I’m not going to judge people who were pants too. The most important thing is attitude. As long as you have a good attitude and willingness to serve God, you will be eventually led in the right direction.

  11. *claps* AMEN. say it louder for those in the back! I seriously love point 1…. and point 2. . and all your points. You go, girl!
    I’m so glad you’re one of the (few) people who believe in personal convictions on this, because the (many) people who don’t always look at me weird. *shrugs* Thankfully, my parents’ rule is a skirt/dress on Sunday, but it’s up to us to make it however casual or formal we want. Which is nice, because I live in pants, while my sister is on the classier side. And while other people try to make my style more like my sister’s, my parents are okay with the cargo pants and sassy graphic t-shirts. Cause its my personal conviction. 😀 Just like my sister’s conviction is skirts. And there’s a bunch of girls I know who wear skirts 24/7, and they rock. So thank you for not tearing anyone down, but building us up!
    Down with legalism and trying to force personal convictions on other people. 🙂

    1. Yeppp, that’s pretty much me! I think personal convictions need to be made a bigger deal of … people don’t talk about them often enough. They’re important … and also something that can’t really be force don other people. 🙂

  12. Amazing post, and I totally agree with you. My parents prefer me to wear dresses/skirts, but I do wear jeans if I have a longer shirt over them. I enjoyed this very much, and it was the typical Kellyn. Funny, but profound.

  13. Great job on this post!

    I personally don’t care what women wear as long as it isn’t too tight, short, or otherwise inappropriate. But I do think that women should be careful not turn clothes into an idol. Until I was 13ish I always wore a skirt or dress then my parents thought that maybe it would be okay not to always wear a skirt or dress and they asked if I would be okay with wearing pants, so, slowly I started to wear pants at first I felt uncomfortable though I now believe that each person has to decide for them self what they feel God wants them to wear.

    P.S. I don’t care for dresses.

    1. I agree! Like, if your heart is focused on your clothing, even if your focus is just continually fussing over modesty … it’s wrong? Your focus should be on God and what He thinks, not how other people perceive you or what they think is right … it’s all about God!

      And yep, me neither. 😛

  14. My mum and I went through a skirts only (about 95%) phase starting about when I was thirteen. And I still mostly wear skirts or dresses these days because I prefer them. Partly because I hardly own any jeans that fit me well. Also because ‘do these pants make my legs look fat’ is legit question I prefer to avoid. Some pants fit a bit close. Also leggings or tights under a skirt in winter is usually warmer than jeans

    So I wear my skirts, my pretty dresses and my pants as I want to, and I generally try not to look weird. Half my skirts being store bought helps with that. And my only long dress is a costume.

    And when (if) I have girls of my own someday, I’ll give them skirts and pants. Some things just shouldn’t be done while wearing skirts. It’s possible to climb a tree while wearing a shorter skirt, but you’d better be wearing leggings underneath, and getting down can be tricky.

    1. I have in the past worn leggings under jeans on a cold day. *facepalm* I’m a weirdo like that. 😛 I agree about climbing trees in a skirt … like, it could be done, but I’d rather not. I feel like skirts stand to get caught on things and be dangerous. *thinking about a Victorian tale I heard about a lady getting her skirts caught in a runaway buggy and dying* *shudders*

      I think dresses/skirts are probably a lot classy/dressy/pretty that pants, and I should probably wear more of them sometimes, just as a fashion thing … and because I want to look nice at my job and I run out of nice slacks!

  15. I agree 100% with this post. I feel like Christians can sometimes be a little bit too legalistic in modesty, and sometimes skirts/dresses can be even more immodest than pants – say, if you need to do extreme leg movement or it’s windy or something like that. 😛

  16. Personally, I only ever wear skirts/dresses. Pants aren’t comfortable to me. But I definitely don’t have a problem with other girls wearing them! 🙂

    1. I’m pretty much the opposite … but at the same time the same! I don’t think everyone should have the same convictions as me, but I just don’t like dresses and skirts and all!

  17. Thank you! I completely agree with this whole post. Most of the girls in our family are just uncomfortable in skirts and dresses, and it’d be terrible if were forced to wear them 24/7.

    I agree fully on Christians being legalistic. I’ve seen some if it first-hand and it sucks ya’ll.

    Great post Kellyn! 🙂

  18. I actually don’t agree with this 😛 Mary, the actual mother of GOD and queen of heaven and earth never wore pants. 😛 She still doesn’t, in any pictures we see. Now, I don’t mind not wearing a veil 24/7 for instance, or having to cover my elbows; I like seeing hair and not being hot in the summer just like any other person. But I think in this modern day world, more than ever, we need to keep those old aspects and traditions. Short sleeves? Sure. No sleeves? Put on a sweater.

    I don’t personally wear anything like tank tops or shorts, because that’s just too much skin being shown. Women wear veils in Church still and used to all the time because (as it was explained in a sermon to me) we’re temples. That sounds kind of weird, but that’s the way to say it. Women are respected because we are the only people who can continue the human race, and we have to undergo so much pain to do so. (if you’re kind of dubious, think of this: the tabernacle has a veil in front of it.)

    Also, things should be below knees. Yes, this comment is getting long, but I have to say this! ? (again, too much skin shown otherwise)

    I’m in no way condeming pants or people who wear pants. I love wearing jeans more than skirts sometimes. But skrits and dresses are femine things. Feminism is a strong movement today, but as a priest pointed out in a (diffferent) sermon, what are we being liberated FROM? I get that we should be included in the government, and that we should have equal rights, but not if it’s a married mother. Mothers should be at home, not working. (again, not condeming anyone who does this; it might be completely neccessary for the family to survive, and I respect mothers who can work and take care of families at the same time. I know someone like that, and she’s literally my confirmation sponsor)

    This comment is super long, buuuuuuut, again, needs to be said. I respect your views and opinions, but I also politely disagree. This is not to say I don’t also wear pants sometimes. I wear them when it’s completely impractical to wear pants. Like when I’m doing a sport, or yard work. But otherwise, skirts aren’t completely impractical. Just kind of cumbersome sometimes.

    Skirts show that we’re girls. As you said, the anatomical differences aren’t that great. But we are a different gender, and should be respected for it.

    So yeah. Long comment. I am not ranting, I am not yelling from the rooftops about how you’re wrong and I’m right or whatever; I’m just giving my opinion. I went through your post and saw what your thoughts on the matter were, so here are mine. 🙂 I’m not going to push on anything and I totally respect your opinion and thoughts, but if you want both sides of the matter, here’s the other side. 🙂

    1. Well, I believe everyone should believe what they feel is right. I completely disagree, of course, but I’m not saying you should believe what I do!

      I think some major theological differences help – I don’t believe Mary was special at all. I think she was just a normal girl. Furthermore, I don’t believe any accurate “pictures” exist of her or any other person from that era so that’s a non issue …and I believe further that if we expect women to dress in a Biblical style that we must expect men to do likewise … which of course no one ever does!

      So yep, I pretty much 110% disagree with you, but that’s absolutely none of my business!

      1. I actually have to reply to this. 😛

        Mary was actually really special. God is special. He is perfection. Literally. He abides in all of us, especially when we receive Communion, but He was physically in Mary’s wound for 9 months. She is the one who is to crush the head of the serpent, Satan. God promised so after Adam and Eve made the original sin. Mary is Immaculate and a virgin. She’s the only human being to have ever been born without original sin, because the mother of God had to be perfect. God Himself obeyed her as her son while He was on earth. She was why He did His first miracle of changing water into win at the wedding feast. And actually, there is a pretty darn acurate picture. It’s on the tilma of Juan Diego: Our Lady of Guadalupe. She’s wearing a dress in it, and a cloak covered in stars.

        I guess we agree to disagree on this subject. I love wearing pants as much as the next person, but when it comes to theological stuff, I am pretty much a polar opposite. You probably understand how I have to stand up for what I believe in, and I hope you also don’t mind that I happened to do it on your blog. 😛 Once again, I respect your opinion, but I also don’t agree with you. 🙂 I’m not here to force my beliefs on you, but what kind of a Catholic would I be if I didn’t stand up for what I believed in, you know?

        1. Yep, of course. I disagree, like I said, but it’s none of my business what you believe. For me, Mary was just a human who God used as He used thousands of others in the Bible, and to me, only God is God … everyone else is just a person. And Mary was only a virgin until Jesus was born to me – after that, she presumably was a properly married woman and went on to have quite a few babies – historically. 😉 And of course I believe that Mary was just as filthy a dinner as all of us – and that it’s impossible for any picture to exist of her, a simple carpenter’s wife from the early ADs.

          But yep, that’s my theology. Like you, I can’t back down from it. For me, anything else is wrong and ungodly, placing a human above or equal with God when to me He is the only one.

          1. I was just thinking about this, and realized I threw in a ‘darn’ into my reply? I’m so sorry about that; I tend to use that word in real life, but in comments, it can sound provocative and rude. So sorry about that! 🙁

        2. Skirts or no skirts- your choice. However, there are certain things that Christians should not get a choice in: that is, choosing whether or not to believe this part or that part of the Bible or not. The Bible clearly states that it will be the fruit of the woman’s womb that crushes the serpent’s head- that is Jesus, not Mary. Every human being sired by a man since Adam has been born to original sin, so Jesus, Son of God, was the only human to not be born to original sin (except for Adam and Eve, who fell into it; Romans 5:1). The mother of God did not have to be perfect; only willing to submit to God’s will, just like every other godly person God uses for His will. And, yes, Jesus obeyed her; He was here to obey all God’s laws- and that includes obeying your parents (and that even though none of us have perfect parents and He only had One perfect parent, that is God). Nor is there, as Kellyn said, any evidence of Mary remaining a virgin after having Jesus (and there is historic truth of it being otherwise since He had half-siblings), nor would it have been godly for her to have remained so as a married woman (1 Corinthians 7:2-5). Yes, Mary was blessed among women (Luke 1:48), and used for a special purpose, but she was still a fallen human being used by God in her obedience to Him, just like any other Christian can be. After all, God abides in me- maybe not in the same way Jesus did in her womb- but the Holy Spirit, abides in me and I am His temple. I am holy in the justified sense, but I am still becoming holy in the sanctified sense. However, to put Mary in the place of Jesus, calling her either naturally sinless or giving her the credit for crushing Satan’s head, is dangerously close to idolatry. But don’t take my word for it. Read the Bible and see for yourself the truths it unapologetic-ally reveals to us, because that is something all of us who are called by His name are called to do.

          1. I don’t want to argue, but I agree with what Boo says. 🙂 However, I do understand that you, Julia, shouldn’t change your beliefs because we said so, or for any reason but God leading you to do so … same as I will not and cannot change my beliefs based on what you said.

            1. Yes, we should always consider what God says on everything- and that is best done through constant reading of His Word. It is the best way to protect ourselves from false teaching or doctrine in any form.

              1. Yep, I agree with you there. And I’m sure Julia has studied God’s Word, but perhaps due to her raising or simply her personal beliefs, she hasn’t seen it the way we have … And I guess that’s none of my business, and I don’t want to interfere with her or her relationship with God. 🙂 I can only speak the truth as I see it, through God, and let her do the same.

                1. In no way do I intend to try to do that to you guys 🙂 My raising and teaching is much different than your’s, actually; I’m a traditional roman Catholic, so I think I’m just more, well, traditional. 😛 I don’t want to cause any arguements or hurt anyone. I just felt the need to share my own beliefs on this subject. 🙂

  19. Hey there! Just ran across your post by chance while looking for something else on the world wide web and thought I’d give it a click. First, I’d like to say that your blog site is very well done! Just glancing at your “about,” it’s also neat to bump into another NaNoWriMo champion and published-as-a-minor writer. The world needs more Christian writers who can formulate a plot-line without romance, showcase morals and the triumph of good over evil, and highlight the necessity of KNOWING God! What age group do you write for?

    Second, I both agree and disagree. I firmly believe that not every Christian woman should wear skirts/dresses only, exactly because of opinions like yours, and because of Christian liberty. You’re exactly right, it’s not really a Bible issue, nor purely a modesty issue (though it does eliminate a few extremes in that area), and for that reason, there is no condemnation in this comment.

    Think of the testimony of Christianity when a girl is asked, “why do you wear skirts?,” and she can only respond with “I don’t know; my dad says I have to.” That sure isn’t a religion I’d be very interested in. But what about a girl who only wears skirts by conviction, not because she is “extra holy,” but because she wants to use it as a way to give her testimony of salvation? In reality, conviction cannot be explained sufficiently to the unbeliever, and the closest possible explanation requires at least describing a personal relationship with Christ. By choosing to wear only skirts, I am both allowed to wear skirts at a workplace that otherwise disallows it (and yes, I can do it modestly), and give my testimony when people ask questions! It’s such a blessing, and all I did was give up my rights to Christ (a plug for the book, “Not My Rights, but Christ’s” there!).

    Long story short, it’s not a logical choice. And sure, it’s super tough to find good skirts at times, especially for us tall ones. But it allows me to serve God in a new capacity and I think that part’s wonderful!

  20. I felt the need to add one more thing – dress varies widely across the country, which is pretty neat, if you think about it. But this presents a lot of different cultural norms, too.

    Where my Bible college is, dress standards are pretty high altogether. Even at Walmart, I would see an unfamiliar customer in a skirt about once a visit (I visited more than enough, too, haha). However, at my home church, while we still dress quite nicely (if I do say so myself), there is a little more liberty as far as what is acceptable, if you know what I mean. We’re more out in the country, so “dressy” can mean a lot of things. To see anyone wearing a skirt outside of church is almost a shock.

    That said, I don’t think following cultural or regional norms is necessarily the best option for Christians. Again, it really just comes down to your own walk with Christ. As someone who “talked the talk and walked the walk” for 17 years before finding truth and giving up my life’s reputation for the glory of God, I can’t stop exclaiming how wonderful it is to KNOW God! He is SO good! I sure hope you can echo that truth with me because it’s the best truth anyone will ever know!

    1. Hi! Yeah, it’s 99% for me: “I just don’t feel God sayin’ anything …” 😉 I have nothing against other people having convictions – just something against them randomly telling me I’m sinful because I’m wearing pants (or, as one girl told me, “You can play with any of my friends because you’re so bad.” I was like, “Mate … c’mon … we’re both seven here!”)

      Which is the kind of thing that makes me particularly passionate about emphasizing freedom in Christ (you know, in things that are NOT a sin!) and personal convictions.

      I haven’t thought a ton about cultural stuff, though I do find it rather disrespectful to go into a very traditional church wearing just, I don’t know, sweat pants. I feel like for some reason it would be okay to dress fancy for a casual church but not vice-versa!

      1. Good observation. It’s definitely a conversation that needs to happen. I still haven’t decided what I would do with my daughters, because I really don’t feel that making them do everything I do is actually teaching them anything. I would rather they wear pants/capris modestly and develop further conviction on their own if God leads.

        1. Yep! There are no such convictions in my family, so it wasn’t something introduced to me until we started going to a church where it was popular. In fact, modesty never really came up in our family until then … we dressed modestly, all the ladies in our family really do, but it wasn’t something we ever talked about. Those were just the clothes we were comfortable with! So I sorta don’t get “modesty culture” myself as, for me, it was a nonissue. It literally has never come up in my personal life.

  21. Catholics have a different dress code for men and women because a woman’s body carries and nourishes life (which is sacred) therefore her body Is more sacred than a man’s. Sacred things are always covered, so a woman shouldnt be revealing her body by wearing pants, but should wear skirts in order to cover it. You bring up the point of can you imagine being a farm girl and always wearing skirts, well I know several families whose girls help on the farm everyday and are hard workers while always wearing skirts,their modesty is something very beautiful that they realize their body needs to be covered, even if it is more work to always wear skirts.

    1. Well, I completely disagree, as I’m not Catholic, and I STRONGLY believe that men and women are equal as far as any sacred-ness (I don’t really believe we’re sacred, exactly, as our worth is in God not in ourselves).

      Perhaps that is true for some, but not for me! I’d hate to have my skirt caught by a cow and get dragged fifty feet. 😉 But I suppose it’s a matter of what you’re willing to handle. I’m picky about flappy things attached to my person.

      However, I won’t argue with you as of course you are entitled to your interpretation of God’s word!

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