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3 Reasons the Holocaust Could Happen Again

by Kellyn Roth |
January 28, 2019

I hope the title gave you goosebumps, because it gave me major shivers to write on this topic. Without a doubt, Adolf Hitler’s 3rd Reich was one of the most scary and evil political regimes of the modern world.

But surely, surely the Holocaust, a systematic slaughter of millions during WWII, could never happen again.

But it could happen; it’s already starting to. How? Let me explain.

#1: We’re killing off the so-called “uglies.”

As you probably know, the Nazis, and specifically Adolf Hitler, had a very specific idea of what made the perfect human—the “Aryan race.”

Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect health, a pure German pedigree, and a heart for Hitler.

Those with mental or physical disabilities and illnesses, the aged, those from different countries, those with different religions, those with darker skin … these were all “uglies” in Hitler’s eyes.

People, precious human beings, of all sorts, were gathered up and brutally killed or sent to prison camps to die.

When we talk about the Holocaust, we tend to focus mostly on the Jews. However, Hitler’s killing spree touched those who were born blind, deaf, mute, or physically disabled, people with illnesses (mental and physical) of all types, and anyone who rebelled against the 3rd Reich.

How does this apply to us?

Generally, society is pushing towards acceptance. Being sure that no one is rejected based on their race, their gender, et cetera. In some ways, this is good, since it means less prejudice toward our fellow human beings.

There is also danger in saying sins are okay, and we must watch for that. However, I see a lot more people being open to those with different looks, personalities, races, and more, and that’s good! We’re all God’s children.

However, this world is far from perfect.

Both the elderly and the young are threatened now through euthanization and abortion. And how do some people justify it?

They kill elderly people because they believe their life is over. Because they are weak. Because they are no longer fit.

They kill babies because they have a chance of having a mental or physical disability or illness. Because it would be inconvenient for them to be born. Because they are unwanted.

Sadly, the similarities to Nazism’s mass murder of people who are considered “less” than “Aryan” is heartbreaking.

#2: Always looking for a human savior.

After WWI, Germany was ripe for the plucking, and the world was ready to ignore that plucking. The Allies turned their heads until it was too late … and whoops, WWII had started!

Not so good for the Allies … but what about the citizens of Germany? How did this happen? Surely some good people existed in Germany who would have fought this?

Well, if you do a bit of research, you’ll quickly find that things were tough after WWI for the Germans. In fact, life was downright miserable.

But, guess what? Adolf Hitler was there to save them.

Desperate as Germany was, they were ready to accept Hitler as their leader even though it was clear he was unstable.

They needed someone to pull them out of the mess their country had gotten into … and there he was, with a bunch of Jews, gypsies, and other innocents where he could shift blame!

They were only too glad to hand him the reins, turning blind eyes on his terrible regimes.

How does this apply to us?

Every day, America gives up more and more of its freedom in exchange for free health care, transportation, food, schooling for our children, and all sorts of other things.

All of these are nice benefits—but isn’t freedom a nice benefit, too? The ability to live and believe however we want to without fearing for our safety, and even our existence?

Let’s always be aware of how much the government controls us, how much influence it has over our opinions and beliefs, and how it shapes us as people.

We don’t want to be a brainwashed Germany enthralled by the perfect trap—salvation from worldly issues in exchange for the abandonment of morality and meaningless hatred towards our fellow man.

#3: We … forget.

It seems rather strange that two major wars with thousands of casualties occurred so close to each other. As I explored this issue for a novel I’m working on, it got more and more curious to me.

How could they forget that their fathers, uncles, or even grandfathers had just been brutally killed and their country destroyed by another such conflict?

Germany and other countries in the Axis suffered more than the Allies in reconstruction after WWI. And I can see how they might have felt a need for some revenge as well as furthering their rather trodden-upon country.

But other countries were not entirely without blame, and I bring forward the idea that perhaps, the new generation was all too ready to forget.

How does this apply to us?

It has been 70+ years since the events of the Holocaust and the reign of the 3rd Reich. And already, so many of us are forgetting.

We’re trying to justify Adolf Hitler’s actions.

Trying to point out the “goodness” behind Nazism—how efficient they are.

Efficient … in killing people? Efficient in forcing their evil plans on millions?

Saying we’re somehow better than that, that it could never happen again in the modern world, that … we’re different. We’re not as evil.

The truth is, it could happen again. In some small ways, it’s already happening again in America, and there is a lot of very similar things happening throughout the world in places where even the bravest missionaries must tremble to enter.

But we can’t forget—we mustn’t! Even though it’s disturbing and sickening, we must remember the 3rd Reich, and remember that, perhaps, it could happen again.

Be alert! Don’t let yourself fall into passivity. Look at the world around you and evaluate based on godly standards.

I’m not trying to be a doomsayer, but it is something to think about what with Holocaust Remembrance Day being yesterday.

Furthermore, New York’s recent ruling – that CHILDREN can be MURDERED up until birth with no restrictions* – is incredibly heartbreaking. We can now legally murder innocents for basically any reason.

Don’t become passive about this! If you are a Christian, or even a decent human being, you know that this is wrong. You must!

There is no medical reason that would require a late-term abortion even to save the mother’s life. An emergency C-section can save both more and child … without brutally murdering an infant.

Also, there is absolutely no reason the mother is more valuable than the child. None.

We are all precious. Every single one of us, no matter our age, race, gender, background, etc.

So stand up and fight against this because, y’all, it’s beyond evil. It’s horrid, sickening, wicked, and anti-God in every way.

*if you think it’s not that bad, read the bill.

In summary, sorry for such a dark post today, but it needed said! We need to stand up … against abortion, against corrupt political leaders, against Satan, again our own passivity and forgetfulness.

Thanks for reading,


~Kellyn Roth~


Do you agree with me? Do you have any further points to bring up? What are you doing to stand up against abortion? ARE YOU AS HORRIFIED AS I AM!?

Wow, I just can’t believe it. I’m shocked, though I know, based on how terrible the world is, I shouldn’t be.

What do you think of my thoughts?

49 Responses

  1. Yes, I’m as horrified as you. It’s so sad when those with power trample the God-given right to life in those unable to speak up for themselves. “Open thy mouth for the dumb, in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.”

    Let us PRAY.

  2. *claps* I admire you for standing up for your beliefs, Kell. It’s always been hard for me and while I would (and have) never denied my faith, I’m afraid of becoming the stereotypical Christian who’s judgey and condemning and tries to preach to everyone. And sometimes I don’t even know how. For example, I think that many of us in the majority are being hated upon but the liberals and the media don’t talk about it at all. But I’m unsure of how and honestly scared to talk about that or state my opinion.

    Long story short, thanks so much for this post! I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s so hypocritical of people who preach about accepting everyone – for example, members of the LGBT+ community – while also saying it’s okay to kill someone. Like what??? It makes me so upset and sad.

    1. Thanks, Charis! For me, I just think about Jesus – everyone sells Him as a God of love who would never, ever offend anyone … but that just isn’t true! Jesus ate with “prostitutes and tax collectors” (even knowing the prejudice against tax collectors, I find those two grouped together so hilarious!), but He also marched into a temple, threw over a bunch of tables, and drove out people with a whip. Jesus is a warrior, He does get angry (in a pure, righteously indignant way), and He always stands up for what is right.

      I think I was probably born a lot more controversial, and I know I can be frank (sometimes too much, especially up until … I got older … 😛 ) … but yeah.

      It is a terrible contradiction!

  3. Okay, wow! This is so true!!!!!

    I’m very horrified with New York right now! I mean, WOW!!!! How can anyone ever be like they are, letting out a law like that?!!?!?!?!? IT’S OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    1. It’s outrageous and heartbreaking and horrific … and it definitely resembles the Holocaust! Actually, some 50 million abortions have happened (I think) which is as many people, soldiers and civilians, as were killed during the entirety of WWII! Wow. 🙁

  4. *claps*
    Never forget.
    I’m so creeped out that, if I was a kid in WWII in Europe, I’d be shipped out to a concentration camp. Just because I don’t have blue eyes and blond hair. Imagine the kids who actually WERE sent to concentration camps.
    And today, reading your post, I can seriously only say, “SAY IT LOUDER FOR THOSE IN THE BACK!”
    And finding out that new law’s already passed..
    I’m scared. And mad. And furious that it’s not called murder. Because that’s what it is.
    Just because we change the terms doesn’t change what it is.

    1. Well, Adolf Hitler himself had brown hair and I think gray eyes? I can’t remember. So it wasn’t appearances, really – it was more race, background, etc. But yes, if you were Jewish or a gypsy (or any other race or religion, honestly), mentally or physically disabled, stood against Hitler (or tried to help your neighbors that were any of the above), you would pretty much be dead!

        1. Yes, indeed! I’m reading a book that talks about how many Germans later thought it would have been better to die than remain silent and let their friends be taken away: “That we stayed alive was our guilt.”

            1. It is! It’s a horrible kind of sorrow … the realization that it would be better for you to have died than to let people be hurt and just stand by.

              The book is Life After the Third Reich by Paul Roland. I’m only about 25% through, but so far, it’s been quite heartbreaking.

                1. Yep! And it is a lot less about the Holocaust and all and more about the reconstruction of Germany – or so I imagine; so far it’s talking about winning the war and all and the immediate aftermath – but it’s still interesting.

      1. *nodnod*
        I think after reading your post I just stared at the screen, trying not to scream, because it’s one thing to know it’s happening. And then it’s another to actually KNOW. Never stop reminding, Kell! <3 I think we all need it!

  5. *Punches the air*
    YES! Thank you for this post Kell, it proves that not everyone in this world is an idiot.
    I feel strongly about these things, and firmly agree that America is going downhill – people are horrified at things of the past, but they don’t seem to see the horrifying things happening in the present. The world speaks of acceptance – yet it shuns Christianity, the world says every one’s voice matters yet they murder those who cannot speak for themselves, the world speaks of justice – but EVERY SINGLE DAY injustice rings out unanswered and unchallenged. (and the world says WE’re hypocrites – hah.)
    And the worse part of it all, is that the majority of Christians stand by with their heads in the closet. We are the the Children of the One True God! We have the Holy Spirit in us! We’ve got Jesus on our side! Yet we stand by and do NOTHING.
    Its downright shameful.
    It is time for Christians (myself included) to wake up, stop with this “tolerance” junk, and take up our swords again. It’s time to stop being ashamed of the truth. And its time to get America back on track.
    Because after all, we’re the light of the world.

    1. AGREED! We can’t continually be “tolerant” when such horrifics are happenings! It’s like saying, “Ahhh, well, we don’t want to interfere with the Nazis … let’s be tolerant.” NO. You don’t tolerate of Nazism, and you don’t tolerate infanticide!

  6. Good post! The thing is, abortion is, in many ways, a second version of ‘The Holocaust’. (What do some call it? The American Holocaust? I can’t really remember. Oops :P) It’s absolutely horrifying to think of all the innocent blood on America’s hands. And I don’t know if you’ve seen the video where the New York lawmakers were actually clapping and cheering for the new law, but it made me slightly ill. Kind of reminds me of Hitler watching gruesome murders just for entertainment.


  7. I agree with everything you said, Kellyn because it’s the truth. I am really into learning about WW2 and the Holocaust, I have been since I was 10. Our society is not only trying to justify Hitler’s actions but are also saying that the Holocaust never happened. Um what? My grandma and her family came over from the Netherlands after WW2. She had an uncle who died in a Concentration Camp. He dad was an underground resistance worker in the Netherlands. They saw the terrible awful effects of the war. I could not imagine how it must have been.

    It’s sad to see how most Americans have just accepted the fact that abortion is okay. It literally is an American Holocaust. It is so sad to see how many babies are being killed. ??

    But great post!! Thank you for standing up and speaking out against our society!! ?

    1. Wow! I hadn’t heard of people saying the Holocaust never happened, but I need to look into it more for sure. That’s very sad! We can’t forget … the moment we forget, we open ourselves for it to happen again, we allow ourselves to become passive … and that’s horrid! History is so important, and it’s so sad to see people losing it. 🙁

      Yes. I 110% agree. Abortion is never okay … and it is an American Holocaust for sure!

      1. I watched a video of someone asking random people on the street about the holocaust and Hitler, and a lot of them said they thought he was a good man or they didn’t even know who he is??

  8. *Applauds* Thank you so much for this post, Kellyn… it definitely is something that needs to be said and discussed!! Abortion of innocent babies is the most appalling, evil thing, and I was so sad as well when I heard about that New York bill that was passed recently! :'(

    But it is important to remember that we as Christians especially need to keep praying and looking to God for our nation’s hope in these times of crisis, and to not become overcome or overwhelmed by all the evil that is going on around us. As Romans 12:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good!”

    Again, great job on this post!

    1. It is absolutely horrid! I’m honestly just beyond belief. I can’t believe it’s happening! Wow. I hope it will be overturned, but either way, I think we all need to stand up against it!

  9. The holocaust IS happening right now. A holocaust is a systematic killing of a group of people sponsored by the government. That is exactly what abortion is. It’s happening right here in our world, every hour of every day. And it is being praised. ?

  10. I am shocked by the world today and I am really impressed by the clarity and boldness of this post. Thank you for sharing it!
    There is also news about a rise in antisemitism, as well as what’s happening in China, where they are putting Muslims in concentration camps, torturing them until they die or change their beliefs to be one with China”s beliefs.
    We need to be aware, and we need to make a point to spread the word to the world so that this doesn’t get out of hand and become “another holocaust”

    1. Aww, thank you! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it!

      Wow … I had no idea about the antisemitism! I thought that was done at last. 🙁 Well, not in Muslim-ruled countries, but otherwise. Oh well … I heard that China is getting worse and worse!


  11. Thank you so much for writing this post, Kellyn. It’s touching in many ways. I live in China, and looking back into the 20th century of our history, governments like these are truly terrifying, and they could very easily occur again. In many cities they have been arresting Christian pastors for preaching against the Chinese “Christianity,” and recently our old church had to dissemble due to the stress the government had been putting on it.
    I have American teachers who tell us daily about worsening situations there– and all over the world. Abortion is a really horrible thing, and so many are being misled on what it means! All we can do is stay staunch against things like this and pray. 🙂
    So thanks again, Kell! This is an amazing post.

    1. Yes! I’ve heard things are getting a lot worse in China, and that makes me so sad. 🙁 I hope that some day it’ll stop, but at the same time, I fear it won’t, and that’s just scary. :/ At the very least, I hope people over there – and in other countries – and around the world – can be strong in the face of it!

  12. Wow… Talk about a hard truth. Thank you for writing this, Kell. It’s definitely something we all need to be reminded of. It’s frightening how closely our current society resembles the Third Reich. And practically nobody seems to care. We all need to be reminded of where we’re heading.
    Have you ever read the “Zion Covenant” series by Bodie and Brock Thoene? It takes place in WWII Germany and deals with Jews living there. It’s very good and talks frankly about the Holocaust.

      1. I agree! I think one of the devil’s tactics is getting us to be so horrified by something that we don’t want to talk about it. But really, we should talk about horrible things, showing them for what they really are. That’s what you did here, and I really appreciate it!

  13. You’re welcome! Me too. It’s one reason I appreciate WWII fiction, to remember how horrible it was and see the good that has come from the ones who survived it.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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