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Reveries on My Life + Just Chillin’

by Kellyn Roth |
January 30, 2019

It’s been a while since I clicked “new post” without either having a post written in another document or having a very clear plan of what I wanted to write.

But, as I click on this post, I realizeI don’t want to always be that sort of structured blogger. Sometimes I want to be what I have been for many years … just Kell.

Writing completely random posts, so random that it was must exasperate anyone who likes order and bore anyone who doesn’t know me. And that’s fine. That’s me.

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed my recent posts. Conversation [and heartbreak] sparkers like Monday’s, ranty ones like my adulting post, and lifey ones with a purpose like the fish one here.

But you know, sometimes it’s good to chill and not stress over it. Blogging isn’t any good to anyone unless it’s fun.

I’m writing this at my desk at work. I usually write a blog post in several sittings (all that up there was written Monday, now it’s Tuesday).

Here are a couple things on my mind:


My 18th birthday comes up this summer, and … I’m not really looking forward to it.

I’m used to making a big deal about my birthday party, but I don’t have any ideas for a fun event!

And I’m just lackluster about the fact that, after this summer, I probably need to get a full time job … or a second job. (Taking my own advice, anyone?)

So that’s not gonna be super fun – but life isn’t about fun, so that’s okay. Still, I’ll probably get most of this summer with just the one job and some volunteer work.

What comes next?

I sometimes wonder a bit about what I’m going to do as the years roll by. I want to make writing my career, but that’s a slow burn kinda thing.

So should I be doing something in the meantime?

For now, my answer is definitely no. I have time; I’m still seventeen, and even eighteen is young. I can pursue a dream, and goodness knows that – contrary to popular belief – it’s not an idle fantasy.

Starting new businesses … always fun.

I have this bad tendency to start new businesses, but now it’s time to make Reveries Co. a real success!

I’m working on some marketing techniques so our business will be good to go in the long term! So far, I’m pretty excited about some changes being made.

In the meantime, I’m also working on setting up some coaching and critique services privately. (These will be entirely different from what I offer through Reveries Co.) More info on that to come!

Songs I’m Listening to Now

I have a bunch of songs I’ve been listening to lately, and I thought it’d be fun to share them!

  • Novocaine, Irresistible, and The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
  • Break Up in a Small Town by Sam Hunt
  • Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line
  • Royals by Lorde (you shouldn’t listen to it, though …)
  • Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons
  • Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
  • Counting Stars by OneRepublic
  • joy. by for King & Country

Puppies! ?

We’ve already sold three puppies and have a fourth pending! Wow. Of course, my favorites (Paris, Iris, Cassie) had to go first.

We still have them, until next weekend, but still. So sad!


I really need to catch up on my reading before the end of January and NaNoReMo! I’d like to finish two more books … but we’ll see how that goes!

Just Chillin’

That was in the title, so I thought I’d explain.

I feel like too many people in this world are stressed out all the time. They worry about eVeRyThInG. And that’s good. We need those people.

There are too many lazy bums, too. Too many people lost in their own passivity. That’s bad.

And, while I have been uneasy and upset over things, though I have my convictions, many things to fight for and many things to stand against

God has given me a free pass to chill, too.

“Cast your cares upon the Lord …” He will always be there, faithful, and I don’t have to worry about a thing.

I wrote in the front of one of my old Bibles (I write in Bibles a lottt, y’all, get used to it), “I have nothing to fear except death … and I don’t even have to be afraid of that. I have nothing to fear.

Still true, ten year old me. Still true.

Don’t be passive, but don’t be afraid to cast yourself upon God. He’ll tell you when to fight and when to stand down!

So yeah. When I say “just chillin’,” that’s what I mean. Just chillin’ in Jesus.

And that’s about it!

I have been doing a lot of writing and some work on other things. I’m also figuring out the balance of my now-slightly-busier teaching schedule + the need to practice my instruments + work being crazier.

But it’s coming around!

And … I think that’s about it! How’s that for a completely random, unfocused post?


~Kellyn Roth~

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How’s life? Tell me what you’re up to! What have you been writing? Reading? Blogging about? Reading blog posts about? (Challenge: post a link to the BEST blog post you’ve read recently!) What is your favorite flavor of pop {soda, for those who aren’t Westerners}? Also, what do you say – soda, pop, coke {or its brand}, etc.?

What do you think of my thoughts?

30 Responses

  1. Sometimes the random posts are one of the greats! Aw, who am I kidding my entire blog is random! XD (And hereby I hope you don’t mind if I take you literally on your questions. You don’t? Great! :D)
    I’m writing- well, working on a secret project that apparently drives people crazy, a short story or eight…y. eighty. And fanfiction. Because I’m a nerd. XD I borrowed Finding Perfect from the library a month ago, but trust me to open it just before it’s due. XD So far it’s pretty good! Ish. I’m kinda looking forward to alphaing other people’s books. XD Blogging about.. yeah, random stuff. Oh a POTC fandom post. XD That’s what I’m posting about. And I think the best post I’ve read in a while was your post on the Holocaust. 🙂 AND IT’S COKE. DUH. COKE. I like iced tea, actually XD Althought I have tried cherry coke. Not bad! XD And don’t we all need to practice our instruments… which reminds me about my assignment due today. O_o And *gasp* Why, oh why, would you tell us not to listen to Royals when you listen to it yourself! Though, Small Town, Meant To Be, this is a pretty nice playlist! 😛
    This comment was a post in itself.. hehe.. oops. XD

    1. YES, I think random just … is more fun? I don’t know why, but it is. 😉 At least for the blogger, haha.

      Hey, that’s what the questions are for! And actually, the longer the comment, the better, imo!

      LOL! Sounds about right. “Eight … y.” 😛 That’s me.

      Awwwww!!!!! That’s so sweet! 😀 😀 😀

      Really!? My mom’s from California, and she used to always call it coke or by its brand name, which to me is so weird … 😛 Haha!

      Haha! Well, it’s a horrid song, really … I have weird tastes in music, but I sure don’t want to inflict them on others. 😉 My BFF gets me started on all sorts of stupid songs. And yesss, they’re great!

  2. My birthday is in the summer as well ? I’m looking forward to that time of the year especially this year, because a few days before my birthday, some friends of mine (who are a lot older than me, just to clarify) are going get married!! SO EXCITED.

    1. Ohhh, nice! Summer birthdays are awesome! 😀 Ah, interesting! I actually hate weddings. *hides my face* Okay, not HATE, I support them heavily, but I’d like to never ever attend one. 😉 I’m weird like that.

      1. Really? May I ask why? I’ve never heard of someone who doesn’t like attending them. Not attending certain ones, yes, I get that – but weddings in general? ?

        1. I dislike formal event in general, hate dressing up, and either I love them so much I don’t want them to get married (my sisters hehe) or I don’t care about them or I don’t know them so I feel awkward. 😛 They’re also painfully boring … I get fidgety in the first ten minutes, and they go on waaay too long. (I bet I’m going to have to be talked into having a wedding myself, haha!) And I just find them embarrassing. 😛

  3. I love your random posts, Kell! *hugs* And being 18 isn’t as terrifying as I expected – girl, you have some incredible dreams and amazing talents. I can’t wait to see what God has in mind for you. <3

  4. Enjoyable post!! Always the random ones are fun!!

    I’m about to major/final edit my first book, type up my second book, and finish my third and fourth WIP. I’ve been reading the same books I always am. The Baker Family Adventure series. Blogging? Well, I’ve done randomness, musicness, and Christian living posts.

    Um…it’s soda. I’m from the south and down here we call it that. XD! Really, I only like coke and ginger ale.

    1. Thanks, Parker! 😀 I think so, too.

      Wowww! Sounds like you’ve got a lot going!

      Haha! See, to me, soda is like … super formal. Like, we’d say it if we were … I don’t know … trying to communicate with the Queen of England. 😛

      1. My pleasure!


        XD! That’s funny. If we were formal, it might be soft drinks or something like that. XD!

  5. FIRST OF ALL: There is no such thing as “pop” – it does not exist, I repeat: “POP” DOES NOT EXIST. The thing you poor people are trying to refer to is called “Coke” or if you must, “Soda”.
    Thank you. XD
    *Bows and leaves the room*
    ……………….. *peeks back in* Sooo, LIFE = college, writing, lots of drama… all that lovely stuff. =P Last night I finished a book called The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson and WOW, I have not recovered from that ending. 0-0 (please tell me someone out there understands what I’m talking about)

    As for my latest favorite blog post…. HERE, read this:


    PS. Just so you know, you are one of the few bloggers I look forward to reading new posts from. So… *thumbs up* keep it UP, Kell.

    1. WELL, I shall have to politely disagree, as pop truly does exist, and in fact I had some last night. *firm nod* 😛

      Nice! And thanks. *goes to check the blog post out*

      Awwwwwwww!!! Wow! Thank you soooo much! 😛

  6. Yayy thumbs-up for random posts 😀
    Life’s been good! I’m working on deciding where to go to high school.
    Bleck I’ve had lots of ideas but I really haven’t been writing anything.
    I just finished the Maze Runner series and Kiera!
    I just wrote a blog post on my 2019 Bullet Journal 🙂
    The best post I’ve read recently was Allison’s Pen Pal Ideas (i’m so full of creative juice now): https://afarmgirlslife.wordpress.com/2019/01/29/fun-creative-pen-pal-ideas/
    I like fruit sodas and ginger ale-i’m not a huge fan of anything else.

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