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March 2019 Dares

by Kellyn Roth |
March 2, 2019

HEY THERE! I always forget February is a short month, and honestly, 28 is sooo much less than 30! But here we are. Still alive. I think.

I feel like I’m not really up to writing this post, but I am anyway, which is dangerous. *squints at my words, wondering if each one sounds crazy or not* But here goes!

Right now, I’m working a lot on Alone in Berlin and From Now ‘Til Forever. I’m doing some speed betas for From Now ‘Til Forever, my 9k novelette – basically, a couple amazing gals are reading it for me before the 16th! Wow. Rush order, anyone?

February 2019 Recap

  1. Read three books written/published before 1950. Failed.

    • I read … like, no books? Well, I read two, one of which was a novella. Until the 26th, that is.
    • Then I was 7 books behind schedule on my reading challenge, so I did a huge binge-reading thingy.
    • Still, I didn’t read anything published before 1950 in the end.
  2. Get through at least half of my research for Alone in Berlin. Kinda.

    • Well … I did a lot of research on things I could use for research! I still have a ton of books coming in the mail. But I’m not quite there yet.
    • Soooo … no. But I did read a ton of internet articles and parts of lots of WWII books. (See my earlier article.)
  3. Finish editing Souls Astray and format it for print #1. Check!

    • I have the proof copy and am working through it!
  4. Finish polishing The Lady of the Vineyard for the editor. Kinda.

    • Still have a few more days of betas. Sorta.
  5. Practice my instruments at least three times every week. Kinda.

    • LOOK. It is hard to do stuff when it’s snowing … for reasons …
  6. Put together an email list (complete with subscriber goodies!) for Reveries Co. Check!

  7. Get up early a couple times to write and do other work. Failed.

    • Eh.
  8. Get better about scheduling social media and blog posts. Kinda.

    • Most of the time. Okay, well, not all of the time, but y’know.
  9. Work on consistency in learning Spanish. CHECK!

    • SI, senoritas y senors. Yo habla un poco de Español.
    • I literally only skipped one day all month.
  10. Figure out all the dates for publishing the Kees & Colliers series. Check!

    • I pretty much did. Basically, first Saturday of every month throughout the summer.

How I’m Doing in 2019 So Far

Remember my New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s see how those are coming along!

  • Write 4 full-length novels.

    • Working on it!
  • Finish A Prayer UnansweredFlowers in Her Heart, and Before a Fall.

    • Working on it! I have finished BAF.
  • Write 1,000 words per day for 365 days.

    • I wrote at least 30k this month which is a start.
  • Submit Once a Stratton to at least 20 agents.

    • I probably … won’t? I’m disillusioned with OAS.
  • Polish a non-Alice-and-Ivy novel and get a pro editor.

    • Working on it!
  • Prepare a 2nd pitch and send to first 5 agents.

    • ^^
  • Read 150+ books.

    • Ughhh I’m behind schedule!
  • Put some serious thought into your future as far as work goes.

    • *thinks for two seconds* Done.
    • Really, though, I’ve been trying! I recently decided I wanted to be more serious about writing and whatnot for a living.
  • Get your freebies ready for your email list.

  • Read through the New Testament.

    • … in time, sure …
  • Be a faithful saxophone and clarinetist.

    • Hmmm …
  • Publish the entire “Kees & Colliers” series.

    • Working on it!
  • Take Aubrey and/or Riley on an adventure.

    • Some day …
  • Go on an adventure with my friends.

    • *shrugs*
  • Attempt to get involved in some sort of book signing event.

    • I really don’t want to now, lol.

And without further ado …

My March 2019 Dares

  1. Get eARCs out for Souls Astray.
    • It needs to happen!
  2. Finish writing Flowers in Her Heart.
    • Ugggghhhh … don’t make me!
  3. Read some more.
    • More than three books in the month, girl. Seriously. Catch up.
  4. Read three of your research books for Alone in Berlin.
    • Trying to not overwhelm myself!
  5. Finish all your various projects in a timely manner.
    • I have a couple interior formatting jobs I want to get through on or before the deadlines.
  6. Get up early, do your chores, practice your instrument, read your Bible, and drink coffee.
    1. All the healthy things. 😅
  7. Not making a lot of goals because I feel overwhelmed.
    • Gettin’ there, though. Surviving is #1.

Stuff Happening in March

  1. Watching How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Isn’t It Romantic.
    1. Actually, we watched those last night! Went with a bunch of my buddies and saw them back to back.
    2. HTTYD 3 WAS AMAZING … but it was … wow. Emotional. I threw my soda cup at my friend. And I heard people crying in the theater around me, lol. Insanity.
    3. Peoples’ reactions in the theater are the best.
    4. And for Isn’t It Romantic, we had the whole theater to ourselves, so we did an ongoing commentary, which was awesome.
  2. My brother James’s birthday.
    • … he’s gonna drive. Life as we know it is ending.
  3. And my niece, Holly.
    • Eesh, they need to stop growing.
  4. Maybe the snow will melt?
    • It was snowing some more this morning, so who knows …
  5. ST. PATTY’S
    • #IrishDay

And … for now I’m cutting this post short! I was up late last night (got home around 11 from the theaters), but I didn’t preschedule this post because I wanted to add in my thoughts on HTTYD 3 (adldakfjadkgl) and Isn’t It Romantic.


~Kellyn Roth~

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What are you doing in March? How did you do in February? What are your goals for this March? What about your goals for today? What’s the weather like there? (Ah, winter, clinging to Oregon for no reason …) (Though I do love snow!) Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon (3 or any of the others!) or Isn’t It Romantic?

What do you think of my thoughts?

16 Responses

  1. I want to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 sooooooo bad!! 😭

    “and drink coffee” That is definitely an essential thing to do each day *nod nod*

  2. March Goals: Don’t die from school.
    February Report: Didn’t die from school. *fist pump*

    Your goals sound great! It sounds like you’ll definitely be kept busy. What instruments do you play?

  3. Well I’ve been trying to work on my outline for the fantasy I want to write for Camp Nano. It’s going to be…complicated. XD
    It’s still pretty snowy here, but it’s warming up a little and it’ll probably melt soon, so that’s nice. I went up to the mountains today with a friend to take pictures for my new blog cuz next week I’m moving to WordPress! 🙂
    Oh I loved Isn’t it Romantic! And I’m avoiding HTTYD3 for a while cuz I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. D: I don’t trust them after the 2nd one when they killed off *AHEM* (you know.) 😛 :…..(

    1. Best of luck!

      Awesome! Good for you. I prefer WordPress, lol. 😉 As you can probably tell! *looks at WordPress blog* But Blogger can be nice!

      Yessss … it was heartbreaking but amazing! 😛 I didn’t care a ton about *ahem* though it was shocking. *glares*

  4. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 but I really do want to. As for waking up early, it’s best to begin doing that consistently. I’ve started waking up every day at 5:45. I’ve found I don’t need coffee to jump start my system. All I need is water (1 to 4 cups.) It also helps if I don’t stay up later than 10:30. I prefer having my light off around 10;00. It really does allow you more time for things like reading your Bible, going on walks, praying, reading, writing, or whatever you would like to do before breakfast. I’ve usually been awake for two before I eat breakfast.

    1. Well, I end up being miserable all day if I wake up early, haha, so I don’t do it. 😛 Mostly because I’m a huge night owl so I’m only productive at night regardless!

What do you think of my thoughts?

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