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10 Reasons to Read Baby Mine

by Kellyn Roth |
March 25, 2019

Hello readers! Today I’m going to share with you about a book you should definitely read … though more than a book, it’s a short story. Still, you should read it.

Baby Mine is a 9,000-word historical fiction story about a little girl named Amaliya Preobrazhensky, her mother, and a man and woman who can take everything from her.

I LOVE this story! It was inspired by one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite childhood movies (WHICH SHOULD NEVER GET REMADE YOU PAGANS), and I want to share it with you. But why should you care?

First, a bit about Baby Mine

Amaliya Preobrazhensky lives with her mother in a tiny apartment. They don’t have much except each other … but that’s all right. Every day, God provides.

When Amaliya’s father, who hasn’t been around since before she was born, returns and a custody battle begins, it’s hard for her to understand. Can a man she’s never met really take her away from her beloved mother? Why would God let such a thing happen?

This short story is a perfect afternoon read for both tears and smiles!

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Negative Content

Language: absolutely none!

Violence: absolutely none!

Sexual: Mentions of the actions of a child’s parents making a mistake/sinning but the child herself not being a sin or a mistake. The main character’s mother is single (through a 5-year-old view, it’s hinted that she was conceived via a one-night stand).

This story is clean, sweet, and innocent … and it’s a quick read, too.

10 Reasons to Read Baby Mine

(a somewhat prejudiced list)

  1. It’s a historical story that is both joyful and tear-inducing.
  2. HAS A TINY BABY (well, a five-year-old) WHO IS SO PRECIOUS.
  3. Dumbo references + Baby Mine, obviously.
  4. It’s a very loose Dumbo retelling, actually (but without the flying elephant part) (okay, basically it just has a single mom separated from her baby, BUT you know).
  5. Social and moral issues still relevant to today are portrayed.
  6. The mother is THE BEST ever. She tries so hard. ?
  7. Even the “villains” have moments of un-villain-y.
  8. Marie. You’ll understand when you read the book, but Marie.
  9. It’s a real life story but also just a bit feel-goody.
  10. You will not want it to end.

Are you at all inspired to read Baby Mine?

If so, you can join the ARC team! You’ll receive a free ebook copy of the short story, and there is no absolute deadline (though finishing it by August would be preferred).

Click here to join!

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed this post. It’s kinda short ’cause I’m dying of a bad cold/flu as I write this, but that’s the way things are.


~Kellyn Roth~


Are you excited for Baby Mine? (I really am! I honestly can’t wait. So excited to hear people’s thoughts!) What are your favorite types of stories? Does this one intrigue you? How sick do you have to be to call into work (because I’m trying to decide if I have more of a flu with a cold or a cold with a flu).

What do you think of my thoughts?

20 Responses

    1. Aw, thanks! <3 I really appreciate it! I'm hoping people will like it. (I AM sure about the new Dumbo. Sure that I want to murder every person involved in production ... HOW COULD THEY!?)

      1. ? We only saw the trailer and we were like…yeah, no. In Disney’s defense Christopher Robin and Mary Poppins Returns honored the originals pretty well, though. (Mary Poppins Returns nailed it, if you ask me!!)
        So when we read the story, do you want us to read it and review it and then give you feedback or anything else? What’s the plan? (I know you’ll probably email this stuff, but I was too curious to wait XD)

        1. I loved Christopher Robin! It was very cute. My brothers weren’t huge fans, but I was. 😛

          It’s just for a review – so I’ll send you a copy, you’ll read it on your own timeline, and then review it! And that’s about it. 🙂

      1. Oh, neat! Now I understand. I was going to tell you that I loved it – Dumbo was one of my absolute favorite movies growing up, and it always would make me cry. I loved how your short story was a kind of retelling! Also I really want to see the new Dumbo! But now I’m worried it won’t live up to the old…

What do you think of my thoughts?

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