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We’ve Come a Long Way, Mates

by Kellyn Roth |
April 17, 2019

Hello, mates. I’ve been thinking about the future a lot – but, though my mantra could easily be “keep moving forward” (or “live in the moment; work for the future”), I love remembering the past, too.

I’ve realized recently as I make plans for the future and think how to enact them in the present that I’ve come a long way. And you know what? So have you. If nothing else, you can read now, which is always a plus! ?

So. I want to just take a minute to talk about how I’ve come along – and things I’ve learned – and sort of just ramble. Y’know, more reveries.

The problem with people is that they tend to live either completely in the past (ah, the good old days … Adele could tell you otherwise, sweeties) or spend all their time worrying about what they’re GONNA do.

How about this for a model: learn from the past and realize how far you’ve come, live in the present, and plot for the future (but only when absolutely necessary).

Truth be told, being aware of where you’ve been is the only way to know where you are. ? And yeah, that’s a semi-quote from someone famous, but eh. I’ll pretend it’s mine.

For instance, I’m aware that we once had unfair, ridiculously high taxes by the British and so we threw some tea in the harbor and made a fuss. Nowadays we just grin and bear it, though. (I’m confused.)

Okayyyy, seriously, though. I’m excited to look back over what I’ve done in the past several years. Because though I can just want the future to happen NOW, I need to realize that … I’m doing fine.

We’re all doing fine!

Honestly, we are naturally inclined to NEVER be content (sometimes we overreact to that stress and are too content which is another issue but eh). We always need one more victory, one more accomplishment, one more thing before we’re “there.”

Thankfully (or frustratingly), as human beings, our story isn’t over until we die – so the “resolution” isn’t coming where the protagonist achieves all their goals. You’re never gonna get there until Heaven. Get over it.

I’ve felt lately like I’m just not doing enough. I’ve missed days and weeks in my blogging schedule. I’m running behind blog tour and formatting deadlines. I don’t visit my grandma. The fish bowl needs cleaned. Aubrey needs trained – she’s slacking.

I don’t have contact lenses because I didn’t remind my mom to make an appointment. I’m not signed up to coach youth soccer yet. Was I going to volunteer at the museum? I haven’t since last summer. Is it okay to live on coffee and Dairy Queen? Will I be alive this time next year at this rate?

Is anything ever going to get written? Am I ever going to start making it rich as an author? When was the last time I updated the Reveries Co. social media profiles? Do I even know when I’m going to edit that vlog I filmed weeks ago?

On and on and on … stupid, stupid discontentment that I have no right to feel because I am doing my best. I am. And that’s all God ever asked of anyone!

Sink me! I’m a beautiful mess!

We’re all messes, mmkay? Everyone from that two-year-old in the grocery store who had a meltdown for no apparent reason to your grandma who you just showed how to check her texts … for the fiftieth time. And that overwhelmed mom who’s just trying to keep her kids from dying. And a sixteen-year-old girl cursing herself for a stupid mistake she should’ve known better than.

Then there’s Kell, watching another episode of Animaniacs instead of getting something done.

I bet Queen Elizabeth wishes she’d held onto some of those provinces. I know supermodels and actresses continually feel that their beauty isn’t enough – it must be more. Must be perfect.

The person you look up to most, whoever they are, is doubtless struggling with something, too. Sometimes you can’t see it, but then, you can’t see their heart. You can’t see how affected they are by this mess of a world!

But God made you – and someday it won’t be like that. So hang in there!

I wanted to be here a couple years ago, anyway.

I promise you I would’ve been thrilled this time last year to have the books I have written written, to have a new business called Reveries Co., to be a part-time writing teacher, to be involved in a “grown up” Bible study, to actively volunteer at different places … on and on.

If it was enough for me then, if it was more than enough then, why do I criticize myself for not doing way more now?

Why do I keep putting pressure on myself?

Just look at these books:

I wrote them! They’re coming out soon! I’m going to share them with the world!

Just look at these reviews:

This story kicked off with an emotional lurch, which I loved dearly. Emotional stories and I understand each other well, and I was thrilled that this one would speak to my emotion-loving heart. I laughed, huffed (at Violet, which you’ll understand well once you read this one), wept (for at least three different reasons), and sighed very happily. All the great feelings were present and active in this one, folks. Definitely a keeper on the emotion side of things!

~Andrea Cox~



At Her Fingertips is every bit a charming novel. I love Alice and her spunky yet refined personality. She is mischievous and teasing, yet she also shoulders responsibility and always tries to do what is “right” in the eyes of society and her family. Even if that means distancing herself from certain friends unfortunately, though I believe that aspect of her allowed her to grow and become more individual in what she stood for in the end.


People said those things about my books!

So, yes, I’m coming along fine. Little by little, imperfection by imperfection, mistake by mistake.

You are, too. Don’t stress it. Mates, we’re doing great.

We’ve Come a Long Way

Anyways, those were just some thoughts I had! Hope you enjoyed them!


~Kellyn Roth~

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Are you more prone to worrying that you’re not doing enough or becoming overly content with your lot? What are your major goals? How have you changed as a person over the years? What is a lesson you learned lately?

What do you think of my thoughts?

15 Responses

  1. I will forever be the person wishing I could’ve done something more, always! And yes, I’ve changed so much I can’t believe it sometimes. Major goals?…change the world by writing and medical work. ?

  2. This is beautiful, Kellyn, and so encouraging. I’m usually looking to the future, or at the present. But if we sometimes stop and look at the past, we realize how far we’ve really come.

  3. *Cries silently over here because you hit the nail right on the head for me*

    I mean…are you a mind reader? I NEEDED this, Kellyn! So bad!! You have no idea. I have always struggled with the “I’m not doing enough” problem. Always. And here you are, serving up a little bit of…hope, dare I say. Thank you soooo much!!!

    Keep being your awesome self, girl!! <3

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.com

    1. Ahhhh, I’m so glad! This comment absolutely made my day. I always love hearing things like this!

      Yeahh, I think it’s just a human thing. But hey, it’s not always true! Not even often true, I don’t think.

  4. This was really encouraging! I feel like I’ve been pushing myself a lot lately, and this reminds me that it’s okay to slow down, as long as I’m doing my best. Thank you! ?❤

What do you think of my thoughts?

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