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The Reveries Redirection {Once Again}

by Kellyn Roth |
July 17, 2019

“The Reveries Redirection,” you say. “Once again,” you say. “What da heck is going on with Kell,” you say. You may say all these things, but if you want answers, read this post.

Okay, that was a dumb gimmick. Basically, I have some stuff to talk about – my blog is having a CONTENT makeover-ish … or rather I’m making myself think of it in a more focused way.

So let’s talk about what, for the sake of alliteration, I’m calling the Reveries Redirection.

The Reveries Redirection

Basically, I’ve been thinking about blogging. I used to love it! And I think that’s because I used to have a lot more time.

Nowadays I’m super busy. So many businesses, so many social media profiles, so many email lists, so many books, so many jobs, so many … so many.

And I’m fine with that. I have a lot of projects, I like being busy, and yes, I’m sometimes stressed, but stress is part of the process for me.

So why the change?

I was reading a marketing book …

I honestly can’t remember which because I’ve read like 5 this year so far, but anyways, it was a good one.

What is said was this: pick your poison.

*ahem* Okay, it didn’t actually say that. But essentially, pick the things you are good at and stick to those things.

I’m good at blogging. At least, I used to be. And why over-focus on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and all the other things I really suck at … when my strength lies here?

That doesn’t mean quit posting on those sites – and I probably will pick a social media site I actually enjoy using & try to use it which is tough because I hate them all – but it means focus on my strengths.

So … I should be putting my main effort into THIS.

Also, email lists, because email lists are AWESOME. (Yes, I’m a recent convert.) (Yes, you should sign up now.)

What does that mean for Reveries? What is this dumb ol’ Reveries Redirection I’ve been talking about? Basically, I’m shifting this blog so I talk more about my Reveries!

By that I mean …

  • Talking about my books some (though not a ton – not boring you!).
  • Sharing thoughts on books & movies (in fun, exciting, new ways).
  • Life advice posts (e.g. “What I’d Tell 14-Year-Old Me”).
  • Random, goofy things (because being goofy is da best).
  • Occasionally some tips & tricks & advice ’cause I can’t resist (and they’re popular anyways).
  • Anything I think will work better formatted as a blog post (but I’m trying to hold back a bit on things like excerpts, etc.).
  • Of course alllll the blog tour stuff (because unavoidable).

However, not all my old content will be going here! For instance:

  • Most of my writing/blogging/authoring advice will be on an email list (which you can join through the newsletter).
  • Most of my Christian content will be on an email list (which you can join through my newsletter).
  • My excerpts, poetry, etc. will be on an email list (which EVENTUALLY you will be able to join through my newsletter).
  • My author updates will be on an email list (which EVENTUALLY you will be able to join through my newsletter).

Now, my plan for this is that you can eventually subscribe or unsubscribe from whatever of my lists you want to. It’ll make it a lot easier for you to just access the content you want.

TL;DRI’m trying to divide my attention evenly between my email list and my blog with social media platforms playing second fiddle.

And yes, that is all I had to say! Never been good at ending things, so …


~Kellyn Roth~

Goodreads · Facebook · Twitter


How’ve you been? What kinds of posts would you like to see on Reveries? What are your thoughts on what I’ve suggested hence far? Do you have a blog (and if so, what do you blog about)? If you’re an author, what’s your “specialty” and how do you use it?


What do you think of my thoughts?

21 Responses

  1. I was afraid you were going to say you were no longer going to blog or were going to cutback on your posts. 0.0 Thankfully, my worries didn’t come true (lets not mention the few years of life it knocked off my life XD). And yes, yes these ideas sound great and I’m definitely excited for the email subscriber stuff!
    And in other words….BRING ON THE POSTS! (and emails, don’t forget the emails ;P )

  2. GAH NO KEEP BLOGGING YOU AWESOME PERSON– you’ve challenged me and I’ll guess many others to take a stand and seriously think about stuff, and whatever changes you make, looking forward to it. 😀

    1. Thanks! Haha, yeah, so am I! I often have like ranty thoughts or at least a ton of thoughts on movies (and books, of course), and it’s so fun to share them!

      1. Same here! My friends and I will discuss a movie for days after seeing it. XD Will you stick to specific genres, or will you be all over the place? (Or do you know yet?)

  3. Oooh! I LOVE this idea, Kell!! I haven’t really gotten into making my own email list yet, but someday I’d like to do it, and right now I really love READING newsletters, so this works perfectly. ? Also OH MY GOODNESS, SAME WITH THE SOCIAL MEDIA. I kinda sorta hate all of it??? But it’s how I stay connected with my online friends, so….yeah. That kinda stinks. But blogging is DEFINITELY where I feel like I shine the most, so absolutely nothing could ever make me stop blogging. (Unless, you know, my hands got chopped off or something… Aha. XD)

    I’m so excited for these new changes!! They sound awesome!

    1. Email lists are great because then you really control your audience, what they receive, etc., which is fantastic … them and blogs are definitely my two favorites at the moment.

      YES RIGHT! Same … I want to keep in contact with my friends & see what they’re doing, but … at the same … eh, social media?

What do you think of my thoughts?

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