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5 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over

by Kellyn Roth |
August 24, 2019

The way I see it, we still have one week of summer left. And a week is enough time to do something. Do something big. Do something amazing.

Now, some of you may already finished your summers by starting school (*hisses*) or you may have graduated and therefore have a normal life in which summer doesn’t exist (*more hissing*) or maybe you just don’t celebrate summer. (Weird.)

BUT let’s just all pretend we have perfect lives where there’s one more week of awesome. (Which is what I have before my Day Job 1 becomes 5 days a week and Day Job 2 probably picks up pace when I’m there, etc.)

Without further ado …

5 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over

1: Write a poem.

Even if you’re not a writer, you should do this. You can write a poem in any style you want, but definitely give it a try. Writing poems is fun, gives you practice with word play, and exercises different muscles in your brain.

Here’s one I wrote:

(And yeah, I am writing snow poems during the summer. Why do you ask?)

2: Snuggle some small animal.

I don’t care what you have to do to. Buy a cat. Rent a puppy. Find a guinea pig. Catch a squirrel. BUT SNUGGLE A SMALL ANIMAL!

If you have allergies, stuffed animals are … kinda the same thing. Or get a reptile. Or maybe a human baby would be the same thing.

But take some time to JUST. HOLD. A. SMALL. LITTLE. THING.

3: Go on a hike, walk, etc. in the evening.

Before summer’s over, you definitely have to do this. Even if you just circle your yard twice. There’s something about walks or hikes in the evening (or late afternoon) that is just awesome.

4: Sleep in at least an hour later than normal.

On like a weekend if that will help you feel better about yourself/that’s the only possibility. BUT DO IT! Even if you have to, I don’t know, skip church or something. #gottabecrazy #actualdayofrest

You deserve this. If it helps, stay up late the night before to prep for your extra sleep.

5: Read one more book.

Something summery, mayhap! Suck up that last bit of reading time before summer’s over – and READ. READ. READ!!!

(If you need recs, hit me up. I have a billion.) (And no, they’re not mine.) (Okay, not all of them.)

I’m just trying to sort through things like the amount of guest posts I’ve been too overwhelmed to get up and finishing The Dressmaker’s Secret. I have a bunch of projects for my last week of summer! So we’ll see how far I get.

As for fun things … sending puppies to their new homes? UGH. Also, I might convince my parents to let me visit puppies (… yeah, another litter of puppies) down in Bend. Yes, I do want another puppy. No, it’s not a good idea. (We’re a breeder, though, so it’s legit.) (Also, this one would be my official pet/buddy who would go on adventures with me and whatnot.) (I’m completely serious about this!)


~Kellyn Roth~


What are you going to do before summer’s over? Or is summer already over for you? What did you get done this summer? And what did you not get done (e.g. how did you chillax)?


What do you think of my thoughts?

16 Responses

  1. Yay summer! We have two weeks of vacation starting today, so I’m happy to be cramming a lot of summer enjoyment into them – to include hiking, swimming, snuggling a newborn, kayaking or canoeing, sunrises or sunsets, and random other acts of outdoor enjoyment. Writing a poem is an awesome idea – perhaps I can do that in the car. It’s been too long, and I love writing poems. If possible, perhaps l will read a few books, listen to a few audiobooks, and plot my NaNo novel. Maybe I’ll even edit a little of VV…

  2. That poem is so good!!! The poetry professor I had last semester would love you. Right now I’m in the weird post-graduation stage where nothing changes next week — no school, no changes in work schedule, etc. *hisses also because I don’t like change* I want to work on my current WIPs, start getting ready for NaNo, work through my tbr/review list, get ahead of some marketing stuff through the end of the year (ick)….hmm. I just got a new puppy so I’m also cuddling a small thing very often haha.

    1. Aww, thank you, Michaela! I don’t see a lot of people write in the poetry style I generally do, so it’s good to hear that. 😉

      YOU GOT A PUPPY!? That’s cool! What kind?

  3. Hey, I’ve done all of these this summer!! And now I have an unofficial goal to finish the two books I’m reading this week. 👍 I usually write basically free verse poetry but my Lit textbook is all about rhyme and rhythm and said this thing about poetry coming fine spun from a mind at peace…so I wrote a poem with as perfect rhyme and rhythm as I could about my most difficult and broken season just to show my homeschooled textbook. 😝

    1. That’s great! Then you have truly lived. *gives you a trophy that says “has truly lived” because … you need this* 😉

      Ahh, that’s cool! Haha, yeah. I’m waaaay too into rhyme and rhythm – I could write free verse! I’d get too distracted.

  4. Great ideas, especially the reading one! I’m always trying to read more over the summer, and I think I did pretty well this year. XD My summer is, alas, already over, but I still intend to try some of these ideas!

    1. That’s great! How much did you read? I totally didn’t, though I’d like to read one more book before it’s over. (I knowww one measly book! And I have so many options, too! Oh, the choices!)

      1. I read 29 books over the summer. (But my summer also started in late April, so…)
        My advice: pick something short. That way, you’re almost guaranteed to finish it. XD

  5. SPEAKING OF ADORABLE CUDDLY PUPPIES yesterday I just brought home my Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy – once I get another, and once they’re older, I’m planning on starting up breeding them! She’s SO FLUFFY! And just ACK the CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! =D <3
    So there's one of those summer to-dos I can mark off XD

    1. WOWWWWW! Okay, I need pictures. Through email or your email list/blog or SOMETHING!!!!!! Because I love that breed. So cute! We’re considering getting an Australian Shepherd, actually, to *ahem* expandourbreedingbusiness (truly we’re just … getting another pet … but hey, if the shoe fits …) And I’m sooo excited! 😀 Is she a good dog? What’s she like?!

What do you think of my thoughts?

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