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5 Reasons to Follow Tales of the Lonely Sun (Blog Tour + Guest Post)

by Kellyn Roth |
December 9, 2019

Today I’m doing a blog tour … only it’s something different. It’s a blog blog tour. (E.g. a blog tour for a blog launch.) And now that I’ve said “blog” waaay too many timesI’ll swap over to talking about the blog itself!

Tales of the Lonely Sun is the name of the blog – and it’s run by several aspiring writers who love reading, writing (of course), and Jesus! (You can find out about their team here.)

This blog post in particular (OMW THE WORD BLOG LOOKS SILLIER NOW THAN IT DID ALREADY) is a guest post by Merie Shen!

5 Reasons to Follow Tales of the Lonely Sun

If you’ve been around the bookish community for long, you know that the Internet is filled with websites and blogs dedicated to the art of storycraft. In this day and age, it’s ridiculously convenient to look up writing advice or book reviews anywhere and anytime you wish. So whose bright idea was it to start yet another website for the bookish kind?

(If you needed an answer, that would be mine. And Carlye’s. We had this bright idea at pretty much the same time, but you can for sure credit the others for making it even brighter. Interpret that however you want.)

With that question in mind, allow me to give you 5 reasons why readers and writers alike should follow Tales of the Lonely Sun

Reason #1: We talk about books.

Book reviews, just book reviews, can get kind of monotonous after a long time. While we do feature those, we like to mix things up a bit– with collaborations, interviews, book lists, etc. You can also expect a couple posts that dig into the rich world of classics in the future…

What qualifies as a “clean” read is an opinion that varies from reader to reader, but we generally keep to average middle-grade to young adult content standards through a Christian perspective.

Reason #2: We talk about writing books.

This website, of course, may be considered as “just another writing blog,” if you wish. Of course, it’s not just a writing blog, but we do like sharing our thoughts and advice on storytelling (both from a reader and a writer’s perspective). Planners (outliners), pantsers (discovery writers), and plantsers (the combo) are all welcome here. From organization help and editing tips to writing rich descriptions and worldbuilding tricks, and basically everything in between… We’re here to offer what we know. You just might find our unusual perspective on some things useful.

Reason #3: We like good, clean, quality stories.

Chances are when you open a Christian fiction book, you’re not looking to be preached at. When you open a young adult book, you don’t want to see gross unnecessary stuff that teenagers don’t need to read. And sometimes you want to find a middle-grade book that isn’t too juvenile for your tastes.

Since we’re all Christian teens who read a wide variety of genres, we’re particular about the kind of books we want to recommend. If you like well-written stories with sensible, tastefully-done content, you will probably like the recommendations we give (or some of them, at least).

Reason #4: We host a short story writing contest every season.

I don’t know about you, but I love entering writing contests (so long as I have the time, of course!). While we don’t personally judge at every contest, we collaborate with other bloggers/writers for each season. Moreover… we have prompts. Fun prompts, if I do say so myself. On Thursday of this blog tour, we’ll be revealing the winner of this fall’s writing contest, and the winning story will be published on the blog.

If you’re interested in the winter story contest, you can take a look here!

Reason #5: We like to collaborate.

Perhaps you’re an author whose stories fit the criteria to be featured on our website, or maybe you’re just a reader who’s interested in what sorts of collaborations we do. As of yet, you can expect interviews and guests posts with/by authors familiar around the writing community.

Tales of the Lonely Sun Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, Dec. 9

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Jennifer Guyer: Interview with Merie @ Fantasy Ordinary

M.H. Elrich: Interview with the Team @ M.H. Elrich

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Sabrina: Blog Spotlight/Interview with Jorja @ Confessions of a Writer

Elizabeth Dragina: Guest Post by Merie @ Elizabeth’s Corner

Mark Borne: Interview with the Team @ The Mark Borne Nexus

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Abigail Harder: Blog Spotlight @ Books, Life, and Christ

Grace: Guest Post by Merie @ Grace M. Morris

Thursday, Dec. 12


Friday, Dec. 13

Diamond: Interview with the Team @ I Have 12% of a Plan

Abigail Harris: Guest Post by Merie @ Read Write Breathe

Saturday, Dec. 14

Ash Ronnel: Interview with the Team @ Ash Ronnel

Jo: Blog Spotlight/Interview with Merie @ Pananaw

Maya: Blog Spotlight/Interview with the Team @ Wandering Wordsmith

Isabel Olivetti: Blog Spotlight/Guest Post by Mya @ Chasing Fantasia


The giveaway runs from December 8 to the 15th, an extra day before and after the length of the blog tour. (So you blog tour peeps get to enter early!) Please make sure you add these details about the giveaway in your post– you can just copy and paste this.

This giveaway, by the way, is U.S. and Canada only… I’m so sorry, international folks! (Seriously. I feel your pain. Merie lives in China.)*

This giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nadine Brandes. (But it is with Mya Gray.)*


  • A SIGNED COPY of Hide and Seek by Mya Gray (yes, our very own Mya!)
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  • Bookish & TotLS stickers
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  • Assorted tea bags

Giveaway link: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/690be0241/?


~Kellyn Roth~


How is your post-NaNo existence going? (Mine is slloowww!) Are you back to writing? I’m trying to get back into it, but am struggggllinnnnggg … still, I have projects to finish, so, onto it! (I’ll try to update my WIP page, but I haven’t yet, sooo patience?) Will you follow Tales of the Lonely Sun?


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  1. I’m all for the books that this blog will recommend. Thank you for this post. I may not learned of it otherwise.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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