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Kell’s Super Late New Year’s Goals and Plans and Suchlike

by Kellyn Roth |
January 13, 2020

At last it’s come …

The post you’ve been looking for for almost a week …

Okay, I’ve got to stop doing that to y’all. The belief that your life is hanging on my every word is untrue. So let’s dismiss that from our thoughts. Even though I know that y’all can’t stop thinking about–

*stops self*

I need help.

BUT … let’s just focus on the future. The bright and shining 2020 which so far I’m just kinda numb about which is sure to be absolutely amazing!

I decided to try to have 20 goals for 2020. And I tried to set them using SMART goal strategies (those are great guidelines, by the way, if you’re still working on your goals!).

20 Goals for 2020

  1. Set up a great welcome sequence for my main email list.
    • Far too often ignored, a great welcome sequence can make or break the readership of her email list! So I’m super excited to get started on that!
  2. Organize my email list as is so that everyone is categorized properly, and growth will be more controllable.
    • Right now it’s kind of a hot mess, but I’m getting there!
  3. Organize my street team and make it private (e.g. no more people getting in).
    • I’m making some structural changes, and my street team is one of them. I’m tired of recruiting people for every launch, bugging folks all over my social media, etc. Now is time to make that stop!
    • First I’ll do some recruiting, though, so watch out for that!
  4. Publish Ivy Introspective.
    • I’m hoping for a July launch, but we shall see.
  5. Prepare to publish At Her Fingertips and Beyond Her Calling.
    • I’m not quite sure I’ll actually publish either one of these, but I want to at least have them ready to go (e.g. edited to the point where I’m ready to get an editor started on them).
  6. Write at least one original work from start to finish.
    • By original, I mean not rewriting an Alice and Ivy book. This could be A Prayer Unanswered, one of the McAllen Brothers books, one of my mannnyyy WWII story ideas, etc. Basically, keep writing.
    • Also, I hope to write more than this, but you know. The first four books in the Alice and Ivy series need to come out first. *sighs* I also have a couple minor Kees & Colliers stories I want to launch some time soon.
  7. Keep learning Spanish.Ā 
    • I wanted to set a more specific goal for this, but then I realized I didn’t have the mental capacity.
    • So this isn’t a SMART goal, technically, but I can do Spanish lessons almost every day even if it’s just a little ten-minute one.
  8. Have a certain amount of money in my bank account.
    • I don’t feel that it’s entirely wise to say how much money I want to have in my bank account online, but it is set, and it’s being tracked in a spreadsheet!
  9. Host at least three big writer events online over the year to focus on my backlist.
    • I have the entire Kees & Colliers series out, and I need to remind people that they exist! And they’re great! And you should read them!
  10. Get to 900 followers on Instagram.
    • I’m at 650 now, so I feel like that’s fair. It’s a big goal, yes, but I’m going to continue being active and hopefully eventually helpful there and see how it all goes!
  11. Attend an organized writing event in person.
    • I’m hoping this will be a mini conference I’ve been eyeing lately – it’s in February. If not, I’ll just … head over to my sister’s house for the afternoon and call it good. *shrugs* I don’t know.
  12. Read the Bible twice a day.
    • I’ve actually gotten to a good start on this! It probably won’t happen every day, but I’m working on it for sure. At the moment my boyfriend and I are going through John together, which is a nice (*whispers* I need the accountability badly).
  13. Pray … a lot.
    • Frankly, this is another goal I can’t SMART-erize, but I’m not really sure what “a lot” will look like for me yet. Because “pray without ceasing” means … like never ever stopping? So I need to do that.
    • Honestly, how many Christians REALLY pray without ceasing? I’m sure not a lot. How could they all? But I bet some do, and I want to be in the exclusive “actually pray as much as God said to” group.
  14. Take Paisley on a walk with the girls.
    • I really don’t care which girls. “The girls.”
    • But really, the friends. *everyone is still vaguely confused* But anyways, I want to take Paisley on a hike or something this summer and actually cause her to function. So that’ll be fun.
  15. Eat healthily with some regularity.
    • I’m never gonna be uber healthy (sorry not sorry), at least until I absolutely have to be, but having lots of nice square meals, cutting down on anything junk-food-y except when I don’t want to (ahh, the ambition!), and trying to not be sick all the time.
  16. Exercise sometimes.
    • I’m still not sure how often I want this to be, or how I want it to be, but if I could exercise maybe 2x a week, that’d be great. I can build it up from there. As it is, I run around a lot, and I’m not necessarily inactive, but you know. A little more would be better.
  17. Live a little.
    • By this I mean my only focus needs to not be writing. I want to feel like I have a life, like I have friends, like I have the ability to enjoy the simple, fun things in life.
    • I’m not horrible at this now, but I could definitely get better at it. Much better.
  18. Read more.
    • Again, nothing specific/SMART, but a couple books a month would be fantastic at this point. I’ve so gotten bad at that. I used to read all the time!
  20. And don’t force this blog to be something it’s not again.
    • #thatstheendofthat

Okay, most of those were very DUMB goals (don’t know what the acronym would be – Distasteful, Universally Bad, Measureless … Bratty?), but hey, I tried.

Awesome Stuff Happening in 2020

I don’t for sure know all the things that will be happening in 2020. Honestly, it feels like a kinda uneventful in-between year.

But hopefully, unless something changes, I’ll go on my first date (yeah, no, that hasn’t actually happened because life is a cruel master – well, mostly to me), turn 19 (unless I die “something changing” in this case would be super weird but … who knows? Time travel, mayhap?), raise some puppies (we’ll probably breed Aubrey this summer again unless her health doesn’t allow it), work hard (albeit because I must), and learn a lot (because life does that!).

Remember the blog tour!

Remember that there’s a blog tour and a LOT of other events going on!

You can read all about them here.




Tell me … what goals do you have for 2020? Am I the only one still referring to this year as 2019? Are you excited for this year – or just blah? And how’s 2020 been going for you so far? Also, do you like my DUMB goals? šŸ˜‰

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