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Kell’s Characters vs. Covid-19: a definitive guide

by Kellyn Roth |
March 28, 2020

With all the craziness of Covid-19, etc., I decided to replace my regularly-scheduled post (that will instead be coming out this Monday) with something a little more light-hearted … though still relevant, of course! πŸ˜‰

This post will focus on what my characters would do if, living in the modern-day world, they got caught up in the Coronavirus scare!

It will be told in a rambly, story-ish form because I want to tell it that way. So. Here we go!

From The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

Alice would calmly, rationally go to the grocery store and get two week’s worth of supplies over the course of four days so to not appear to be hoarding. (Appearances are very important!)

She would them organize all these supplies neatly in her secret basement supply closet which has been prepared for the end of the world – and then find an indoor project to keep her occupied for at least a month, which she would do calmly and without much desire to do anything else.

Peter tells everyone he’s going to use his time working from home to write a novel. Spoiler: he doesn’t.

His time is too full posting encouraging quotes on social media, sending emails and texts to friends and family, calling or video-calling anyone who will pick up, and trying to be a light in everyone’s light – even though he’s feeling a bit anxious. Especially since Alice is definitely not validating any of this.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Jordy’s colleagues are preparing for the worst – while Jordy refuses to take the Coronavirus seriously. He honestly doesn’t see the point in all the fuss, and he’s actually outside more since everyone’s been asked to stay home.


He’s taking care of everyone, yes, but his catch phrase during this time would be, “Just eat well and wash your hands … WAIT YOU WEREN’T DOING THAT ALREADY!?”

Ivy hasn’t let Jordy into the house since this whole thing begun without spraying him with various cleaners. Despite his confidence, she’s not nearly so sure.

What if her children get sick!? What if she gets sick and then gets her children sick??? What if the world ends?!?! There’s so much to think about.

Violet has been social distancing for 20 years, but now that it’s cool, she really doesn’t want to. Therefore, she’s spending all her time walking aimlessly around outside trying to think of ways to be a nuisance.

Unfortunately, she cannot think of any. She goes to a store at 6 AM, makes away with all their toilet paper (which is not a lot) even though she already had enough for a month or more because going to the store is a pain, and then goes home and spreads conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Felix doesn’t have the best immune system, and he really hates germs anyways, so this is just a nice vacation for him. He quarantines at his house, has food delivered, and spends several days working on budget spreadsheets and reading Russian novels.

Claire and Philip are both handling this pretty well. Claire doesn’t think it’s a big deal but has still gotten relatively prepared for an economic crisis – Philip is oblivious. Just … entirely oblivious. He’s too busy wandering around on the estate to know there even is a quarantine.

The Jameson family would be homeschooled if they lived in the modern-day world, likely, and Nettie wouldn’t really do anything differently than she ever had. She would be sympathetic, but not overly concerned.

Peter’s family is a mixed bag. Lilli is freaking out and being brashly over-confident by turns, and Chris is steadily pessimistic and yet unconcerned for his family – he’s just worried about the economy.

WHAT ABOUT THE ECONOMY!?!? Also, he spends half his time running up to Lilli like a little boy with the latest conspiracy theory he’s found. He finds them delightful. They trigger Lilli’s panic stages, too, which he finds amusing.

Riley is going on spring break trips even though he’s not in college. As for Maddie, she’s trying to decide if she really wants a divorce from him or if this, too, shall pass. Essie and Terry have gone with Riley.

Cassie and Patrick had to self-quarantine for two weeks because they’d been in Italy and France and parts of Egypt during this whole thing. After that, they calmly sequestered themselves in the French Riviera.

Gibson and MabelΒ were also traveling. They did not quarantine because YOLO. Unfortunately, they infected the entire population of England, everyone died except them, and they’re now king and queen. This pleases them greatly.

It’s not the Edi doesn’t love her children. It’s just that she loves them more at school. She sends them out into the field with Tris whenever possible. That said, when she gets through her fussing, she’s able to manage them all. It’s just exhausting. Also, she’s running out of wine.

Of course, Ben is in Heaven, Mick is dying, and Liam & Tommy haven’t changed their lives that much.

Kirk is happily going about his life with a few small precautions. Not much has changed for him, though he feels bad for those around him. However, as long as his family and those closest to him are safe, he’s content to go on with his life.

From Kees & Colliers

Adele isn’t quite sure if she should be freaking out about the Coronavirus. On one hand, she feels a lot of fear toward sudden illnesses in general – on the other hand, she doesn’t believe most of the freaking out makes sense. She finds comfort in memes.

However, Troy is sure it isn’t a big deal. He’s seen worse. However, he’s excited to use this as an opportunity to convince his family to spend more time with him! Judy also sees this as a good opportunity for some family time, and she relies on her father for constant emotional reassurance that the world is not collapsing, no one they love is going to die, and everything is going to be okay.

Mrs. Collier is freaking out. Majorly. Conspiracy theories, the possibility of her dying since she’s slightly elderly, her family having travelled a bit more than most … yeah, she’s not doing well. But Millie keeps checking in on her and making sure she has everything she needs while also getting timeΒ  to herself, so she’ll be okay.

And yes, Millie is mostly helping people! Care packages, phone calls, checking in – thankless, often, but not minding at all.

Absolutely nothing about Harrington‘s life has changed except now he has a way to get Cammy to stop hugging him.

Cammy and Kenny are both sure in the confidence of their father.

Lola is taking a calm, kind approach to this. She and Dave have what they need, help others at every opportunity, and focus on the good.


~Kellyn Roth~


Well, writers … what would your characters do? And which character do you relate most to on this list? I’m kind of a Jordy, I admit …


What do you think of my thoughts?

12 Responses

    1. Haha! I wouldn’t protest too much. πŸ˜› Except I’ve kinda had him in mind for another character of mine … πŸ˜‰ Well, I’m not panicking, I don’t think, so that’s good. πŸ˜›

    1. Haha! Yup. Peter is such a dear, though. πŸ˜› I just love him to pieces, even though he’d never get anything done in a situation like this!

      Yup – they’re the ne’er do wells of the bunch!

  1. I’m loving Jordy XD I can’t stand how blown out of preportion things are getting and I really just want to hear news, not this invented painic! And I’d so be outside if not dealing with a bad earache XP

    1. Yes! I totally agree. It’s absolutely nuts. Haha, yup – I’ve been out as much as I can, though I keep needing to come back in to work. πŸ˜‰ Which is why I’m behind.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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