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Introducing Ivy Knight (Ivy Introspective Book Launch)

A brief note from Kellyn Roth (the author): This post is written by Ivy Knight. However, I wanted to come in beforehand and say that this has been a crazy month! And nothing is getting done for various reason. I feel a ton of guilt over this, as always, and I’m doing what I can […]

The Ivy Introspective Blog & Instagram Tour

Hello, folks! Today I’d like to announce the Ivy Introspective launch tour AND bookstagram! The book came out today … that’s right! IT’S LIVE ON AMAZON! EEEK! I’m just … I’m in shock. How did this already happen?!?! Without further ado, here’s the blog tour and bookstagram info! About the Book In a world that […]

GUEST POST: How I Wrote My First Full-Length Novel in 22 Days by Eliana Duran

  Hello folks! Kellyn here, but today I won’t be writing the main blog post – a fellow writer of mine, Eliana Duran, will! Eliana shares her experience writing her first full-length novel in 22 days today with you. Without further ado … here’s her post! How I Wrote My First Full-Length Novel in 22 […]

Two Years Post-Graduation? Already?

It hit me the other night … I graduated two years ago. More than that, now, actually. I’m two years post-graduation. And what have I got to show for it? It was a bit sobering. Since I was sixteen (almost seventeen), it feels like not much has changed. Sure, I’ve switched my second day job […]