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Introducing Growing Writers

Hello folks! Long time no see! I’ve been working on a lot of different things, but primarily my schedule, prepping for the new school year, and of course … Growing Writers. But what’s “Growing Writers”? you asked. Sounds a bit weird. I mean, you’re not planning on giving birth to a lot of writers, are […]

June & July 2020 Wrapup + Planning for the School Year

Before we starting on ANYTHING ELSE … I DECIDED TO RENAME THIS BLOG! I mean, really, I just decided to use an old name combined with a bit of a new one that describes what I kinda feel is my … aesthetic. Per se. *shrugs* SOOOOOOO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE: Lilacs & […]

The Ivy Introspective Launch Wrapup

Well, that’s a wrap! The posts on various platforms are out. The reviews are up on Amazon and Goodreads. And I’ve got ’em all in this post! (Well, ish. Y’all can click through to Amazon and Goodreads if you want, but I didn’t link to every individual review.) I know I haven’t been as active […]