The Knights of Pearlbelle Park, Cover Reveal

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Time for the cover reveal!

That’s … that’s it. That’s the whole post.

The Knights of Pearlbelle Park

Enjoy Christmas with the Knights of Pearlbelle Park …

Claire Knight‘s two youngest sons have come down with a mysterious illness just before Christmas, and she can’t focus on a thing but them, despite her many duties. Everything is so utterly overwhelming—yet relying on others, especially her husband, for comfort and aid seems impossible.

Lois Chattoway is finally married to the love of her life and expecting their first child. She should be perfectly content. If only her husband were as enthusiastic about their upcoming arrival as she is. When her niece, Posy, arrives at Pearlbelle Park with her neglectful father, Lois longs to convince her husband to adopt the child. Yet she knows he’ll never agree to it. Not likely.

Ned Knight is frightened. His mother is afraid, and there’s only one person he can tell—Mama. Oh, not his mother. He means Mama, who Ned never properly met but whose portrait hangs in a locked bedroom all by itself. Finding his place in the family is hard, but she makes it easier because she always listens—always. If only everyone else wanted to remember Mama as much as Ned does.

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Thank you for all your support, y’all. <3 I appreciate it! I’m hoping to get some more interesting (er, controversial) posts out soon, but in the meantime, thank you for hanging in there and actually reading this post. 😛

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  • Grace A. Johnson

    And I seriously love that cover. SO excited for this, girl!! <3

    • Kellyn Roth

      I KNOW! I’m excited, too! I just need to get up the energy to actually work on them, lol.

      AND YES! I love it too! Thanks!

      • Grace A. Johnson

        MOOD. XD
        You’re so welcome! 😀

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