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5 Updates from Publishing to Blog Series

by Kellyn Roth |
February 1, 2024

Hey folks!

Today I wanted to share five updates! They’re short and sweet, so let’s dive right into them.

Like the Air After Rain: Publication Dates

My new goal is to publish Like the Air After Rain in May 2025.

A little about the book …

Lorelei Hilton is on the cusp of an arranged marriage to a spineless boy chosen by her father for the purpose of maintaining the family business. After years of being manipulated and talked down to, Lorelei has had enough. Determined to remove herself and her sister from the constant supervision of her parents, she set out to find a man with the gumption to stand up to her father.

Aubrey Montgomery has three problems: the care of his adolescent sisters, the managing of his household, and his own loneliness. Over two years have passed since his first proposal was rejected by Cassie Hilton. Although he no longer trusts himself to love a woman properly, he could settle for an amicable, emotionless partnership—if the right woman came along.

After a chance meeting with her sister-in-law’s former suitor, Lorelei discovers she has an ally in Aubrey Montgomery. A marriage of convenience to Aubrey would solve both their problems—provided neither of them becomes emotionally attached.

Time of Grief: Potential Publication Dates

At this point, I’m seriously considering publishing Time of Grief after Like the Air After Rain but before I publish book 3 in The Hilton Legacy, which would mean it would come out some time in 2025. That could be super exciting! It would mean cutting up The Hilton Legacy. (As a reader, what do you think of that idea?) I’m still considering it, but if all works out, we could be looking at a summer or fall 2025 release date.

As a sidenote, there’s a slight chance Time of Grief will swap titles, but maybe it won’t.

Other Projects That I’m Working On (way too many)

At present, I’m working on way too many projects! This is always the case, but in addition to Time of Grief (drafting) and Like the Air After Rain (rewrites), I’m working on …

  • A Regency romance for the Regency romance MAP.
    • In the outlining stage.
  • A seven-book Regency romance series, The Seven Sinclairs.
    • 1 in the outlining stage, the rest in the brainstorming stage.
  • A six-book Regency romance series, The Ladies of Lilac Lane.
    • 1 in the outlining stage, 5 in the brainstorming stage.
  • A five-book Regency romance series, The Lords’ Literary League.
    • 1 written, 1 partially written, 1 outlined, 2 in the brainstorming stage.
  • A related three-book Regency romance series, The Gentlemen (working title).
    • 1 outlined, 2 in the brainstorming stage.
  • Plus the anthology projects below!

Four Seasons, Four Anthologies

I’ve officially announced that the first four Wild Blue Wonder Press anthologies will be:

Springtime in Surrey (available now!)

Novelists in November (submissions open)

Fingerprints in Frost

Whispers in Waves

More information to come soon!

Romance Blog Series with H.S. Kylian

Coming next week and then releasing every week throughout February, H.S. Kylian and I are publishing a series of romance-themed blog posts with advice and thoughts! I’m super excited about this! H.S. Kylian writes historical and contemporary family sagas with a heavy dash of romance.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for now.

What are you working on at the moment?



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What do you think of my thoughts?

7 Responses

  1. I second Saraina. The sooner I can get my hands on all these Regencies, the better. (Also, The Lords’ Literary League wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain William Harriot, would it?)

What do you think of my thoughts?

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