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Introducing My Short Story for Novelists in November

by Kellyn Roth |
April 8, 2024

Well, with Novelists in November closing for submissions soon (so get yours in!), I am currently wrapping up my own short story which, if it works out well, I will be including in the collection!

I had gone back and forth for a while about whether or not I’d be including a short story in this collection. I didn’t have a great idea for a while, and I ended up deciding that the idea I did have was no fun. So I switched and then decided that, for a while, I’d put aside the idea of writing for Novelists in November at all.

But … eventually, an idea came to me, so I outlined it a couple weeks ago and then started writing it.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t come up with a title, but here are some basics about the story!

What’s it about?

It’s the story of Effie, an author who recently married the younger brother of the infamous Duke of Ridgewell. Effie’s last book was a smash success … and the pressure is on for her to write another bestseller which will help support her family in the years to come. However, Effie’s inspiration well has run dry. When her new sister-in-law, Alexandra, suggests a journey to the country to rest before Christmas, Effie agrees, though nervous about spending time with the prickly countess. When a small disaster strikes, will Alexandra and Effie grow closer … or realize they have nothing in common at all?

How would you describe your main character?

Lady Effie Harriot is a quiet, introverted, bookish author who spends most of her time observing the world around her … to a fault. She’s dealt with feeling like an outsider looking in for most of her life, and old habits die hard.

What’s your most anticipated scene?

Well, I don’t want to spoil it, but here are a few hints:

flooded estate, dawn teatime, cuddly babies, sudden realizations!



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What do you think of my thoughts?

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