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September 2017 Spotlight: My Obsession with Personality Types

Like many before me (and many who shall come after), I love classifying myself and others by the MBTI personality types. The basic idea is that every human being on earth can be classified loosely into one of the sixteen types. These types are defined by a combination of three letters. My type, for instance, […]

How to Write Three-Dimensional Characters

The most important thing you can put in your book is well-rounded, three-dimensional characters. According to Google, the definition of three-dimensional (in literature) is sufficiently full in characterization and representation of events to be believable. So a three-dimensional character is a character that is, well, human.

Personality Types in The Dressmaker’s Secret

As some of you may know, there are sixteen basic personality types and, more or less, everyone can be classed into one of them. I favor the INTJ personality. At least I think so. My mom thinks I may be an ISTP or something else. Anyway, I took the personality test for the characters of my upcoming […]