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The Write for Life Blog Tour, Part 2 | To Save a Life

Hey everyone! It’s time for part 2. Y’all, I can not speak enough on how valuable children are. I cannot speak enough on how wrong it is to kill a child. And I cannot tell you how scientifically inaccurate it is to say that modern-day abortions do not take the life of a precious baby. […]

Faith Alone | Blog Tour Intro and Mini Review!

Hey, ladies and gents! Today I’m privileged to share my review of Faith Alone along with the blog tour information (so lots of fun stops for you). I was just going to share the blog tour info, but I realized I had a lot to say about Faith Alone. (All good things, all good things […]

What Do Christian Politicians Say About Abortion? {Guest Post by Tori Easter}

Hello loyal readers! Wow, Wednesday already, and we have a guest post by Tori Easter! It’s about an exciting subject which I hope you’ll enjoy. And remember, I’m still open for guest post submissions, so you can click here to find out more! I would love to feature you on Reveries. Next time I hope to […]

Body by Blood: Blog Tour Intro

Well, it’s time for yet another blog tour! This time we’re featuring Body by Blood, another futuristic Christian novel. This is a novel I’m really excited about. It has some serious pro-life themes, which is something I’m very passionate about (naturally). Check out the giveaway while you’re here! In addition, there’s a signup form for […]