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The Child from the Sea by Elizabeth Goudge

Today, I’m going to be writing a review in a more freestyle format. I read this book for school, and I kind of enjoyed it … and kind of didn’t. Title: The Child from the Sea Author: Elizabeth Goudge Genre: biographical historical fiction Era: 1600s Setting: England, Holland, and France Source: own a copy Overall Rating: […]

10 Books That Make Me Cry

I don’t cry a lot. And when I do, I’m usually not crying about one thing so much as a bunch of things. But yes, some books do make me cry … or at least make my eyes water. And these are my top ten. Not in any particular order because, to be honest, who […]

Five Secrets of Description

Confession: I don’t actually have five ‘secrets,’ per se. But I have a bunch of stuff I think people should remember when writing description. So don’t actually take my advice. That’s right. Just read it, like it, comment on it … then forget it. It’s best for you and the posterity who would otherwise have […]