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Five Fall Favorites Day 1: Bible Times

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to my blog … and to my first post in Five Fall Favorites 2017! I’m sure you remember the amazing blog party we did last year, and if you don’t, this invitation will give you the highlights:

Guest Post: Five Great Summer Reads

That’s right … today we have a guest post! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those, hasn’t it? Today, Elisabeth of Mostly Styled will be recommending a few books to you (that could be read in the summer … or practically any time … but I’m gonna call them ‘summer reads’ anyway). […]

Five Fall Favorites: Christmas, Classics, and Wrap-Up

Well, Five Fall Favorites is officially over! I’ve just got to tell you about two more genres, announce the winners, and say good-bye to all your lovely people! I’m so glad to have you here (if you’re a guest for FFF), and of course it was great to have you participate, regular readers. I love […]

Five Fall Favorites, Day 5: Middle Grade and Picture Books

Welcome to Day 5! It’s the final day before we close up and announce the winners, so hurry up and enter the giveaway! Remember what’s at stake: And there will also be a second and third prize if we get enough entries, so invite your friends and family! 🙂 Today the genres are (as you […]

Five Fall Favorites, Day 4: Western and Inspiration (Animals, that is)

Hosted by Read Another Page Today is ‘western’ and ‘inspirational’ day. Now, I couldn’t remember reading any books that counted as ‘inspirational,’ so … yeah. I guess I just don’t need inspiring. XD So I replaced ‘inspirational’ with ‘animals.’ Yeah … that is a genre … 😛 Remember, you could win this prize … And […]