A man is riding a bike on a hill.
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Let’s Catch Up A Little

First of all … I am so proud of my photo-shopping skills. Like, seriously, y’all. Me and my jeep commander and my chocolate Dairy Queen milkshake can go ANYWHERE*. Also, to those of you who are concerned that I’ll drive off the road because I’m not looking + driving one-handed (who needs two hands to drive a […]

Cover Reveal: The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective

That’s right, ladies and gentleman! And now, the event you’ve been looking forward to since the day you were born …. Okay, perhaps you haven’t been waiting that long, but several of you have commented in such a way that led to me to believe that there was some excitement about the launching of the […]

April 2017 Dares

Well, March has past, and it’s time to celebrate its going because, to be honest, it really didn’t go so well. Yes, unlike Emily Dickenson, great poet though she may be, I welcome April with open arms. March and I … we had a falling out this year. We were playing soccer, he insulted me, I […]