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A Very Bookish Romance Has Launched!

A Very Bookish Romance is launched! This is a 5-book novella collection which features stories centered around the holiday of Valentine’s Day and a classic novel (inspired by more than strict retellings, though they sort of count as both). My story is a WWII home front romance featuring a single mother and a limping farmer. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Paperback Sale!

Guess what? There’s a big paperback sale going on! That’s right; a group of Indie Christian authors (including myself) are flocking together to offer discounted paperbacks. There are sooo many incredible books on sale for such amazing prices … how can you resist? *dangles books in front of your face* Signed paperback copies of my […]

Why I Do Halloween

[Note: this is an old blog post. The takes in this post may no longer apply to what the author currently believes and/or the information may be outdated. Please take all that is written here with a grain of salt.] *deep breath* Okay. Here we go. I know I’m going to offend a lot of […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve! Here is a list of a few things I want to accomplish in 2016, God willing. šŸ™‚

The Christmas Story

Well, I’ve written my own version of the Christmas story … and I decided to share it with you today. Notice that it is a somewhat rough draft and still needs some work.   The Christmas Story by Kellyn Roth Once upon a time in a faraway land over 2,000 years ago, there was a […]

Random Updates

Merry Christmas Season! šŸ™‚ Well, our house is decoratedĀ inside and out in preparation for Jesus’ birthday. On another note, my dog had a puppy. I know. Just one.Ā And in her first and second litter there was eight and nine … go figure. It’s a girl and, because we only have one to name, she has […]