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Shifting the Focus: God-Honoring Fiction vs. Clean Fiction

Heyyyyy everybody! I’m back with the CONTROVERSY. *puts on sunglasses and walks slowly away from an explosion as the beat drops* Not so very long ago, I wrote a short version of this post and shared it to Instagram. It resonated with a lot of people and doubled my determination to write THIS post, so […]

The Heart Behind Second-Chance Romance {Romance Trop Blog Collaboration}

Hello my friends! Today I’m joining a blog collaboration with Grace A. Johnson and R.M. Archer. Our goal is to share about certain romance tropes. You can read Grace’s post on enemies-to-lovers here and R.M.’s post on arranged marriages. But now I get to say my piece, and I’m talking about something I don’t believe […]

At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour & Launch, Day 5 – Themes

Today is day 5 of the blog tour, and we’re talking themes! But before we get into it, I just want to say … thank you so much for your incredible support so far. This is a very complicated, crazy, and overall rough time in my life. I’m really struggling here! But your incredible encouragement […]

Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 2

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the second day of the Beyond Her Calling blog tour! I’m so excited to have you here. Today is theme day! I’m going to talk about the symbolism and the meanings and all that fun jazz – and of course the Christianity stuff. Without further ado, THEME DAY FOR […]

At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 3

AND WE GOT THROUGH THE FIRST DAY AND HERE WE ARE! *big grin* And today’s theme day, so we get to talk about meanings and lessons and all that fun stuff. Honestly, writing theme is hard for me. I’m always afraid I’ll come off as preachy! I believe I’ve avoided that for this book, however. The key […]