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5 Practical Steps to Overcoming Unfinisheditis

You’ve had it. I’ve had it. We’ve all had it. That’s what writing is for beginners, after all – not finishing stories. And it’s okay, at first, to test out a thousand little plot bunnies. But at some point, to become an author, you must finish a novel. Still, it’s not like it’s easy. So […]

I’m Back {A Bunch of Updates}

Well. I’m back! And now it’s time for me to tell you about all the stuff I’ve been doing in the last month, etc. So if you’re not a fan of rambly updates, be gone. (I’m just kidding; stick around, anyway. I’ll try to make this not-rambly. Though it’s painful, you know. Like ripping apart […]

Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 4

Hullo, folks! Welcome tae th’ fourth day o’ th’ Beyond Her Calling blog tour! Jordy McAllen here! Today is Jordy Day! Which means we shall talk about me an’ me an’ me. (An’ I’m no’ givin’ ye a “glossary,” so ye better keep up with me brogue!) An’ now, let’s talk about Jordy McAllen (e.g. me)! (an’ th’ […]

Writing Will Get Easier

Writing is tough. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. It takes a lot of effort, it’s stressful, and more often than not it brings little or not reward. However … we still write. And it’s still hard. But I can promise you one thing: It’s going to get easier the more you write. You […]

How to Push Through a First Draft

I think we’ve already established that writing a first draft can be hard. There is beauty in it … but also great evil.* Okay, “great evil” may be overdoing it, but it’s definitely very difficult. The first draft is the point at which most authors give up on their story. They just stop writing, and another […]