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February 2020 Dares & January 2020 Wrapup

by Kellyn Roth |
February 1, 2020

The expression on my face = Give up, January. You can’t win. I’ve got Jesus and Ian and Bailey. *shrug*

Okay, I always say this … but … JANUARY 2020 WENT SO MCFRICKEN’ CHICKEN FAST! Like, I feel like my December and November were lots slower than January. And here we are in FEBRUARY!? What even, y’all. What even.

Image result for what even meme


Image result for what even meme

(sidenote: just confused)

Yeah, this time I don’t want to redo the month. I actually had some really amazing days and did some really amazing things – so … basically, work was HARD and writing was NONEXISTENT but friendship (& related things) was AWESOME.

Also, I just saw this when looking for a different meme entirely, and it cracked me up:

Image result for what even meme

I DIED. And it’s not even that funny. But yes, there was your random meme of the day. You’re 100% welcome.

But Kell, what are dares?

Did you just click on a post without knowing what it was about at all? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

Basically, I’ve been doing Dares for a longggg time, but then I quit for a bit. So I can understand your confusion.

I looked back a bit, and as far as I can tell, this is the first time I ever did Dares – in August 2016. (I find it hugely funny that two or three of those dares are going to be repeated in this post. I’M BACK IN 2016, Y’ALL!) And it has a funny lil’ story and some other stuff, but basically …

My friends and I play Truth or Dare more often than we breathe. We don’t as much now, but we used to. And … I’m really, really good at never backing down from a Dare?

So this is my motivation technique – because when people dare me, I cannot help but do it!

But first, I’ve got to wrapup January!

Bleck, talk about beating a dead horse.

Since I didn’t have official goals to wrap up, I’ll just do bullet points to give you an idea of the things I did. You can find a more accurate picture on my Instagram account. Just sayin’.

January 2020 (loosey-goosey) Wrapup

We have a lot of new people, so … Translation Guide for those Who Are New + One New Piece of Info:

Bailey = my best friend. Ian = my boyfriend. My Friends = Sonja, Aimee, Eva, Bailey (my friends). Work #1 = secretary/all-purpose-person at a gymnastics academy. Work #2 = watching/teaching a darlin’ boy with Down Syndrome.

(I think that’s it. Let me know if I missed something!)

  • I watched two college childs do homework for hours.
    • This was after working out with them, so I had a reason for being there originally. (It was Bailey and Sonja, y’all.)
    • And I got like 6k written during that time! The library is an awesome place to work, y’all. Just … awesome.
    • We also ate junk food and got me some workout clothes because apparently I need them. Also, they are now obligated to work out with me enough time to justify workout clothes (even Goodwill workout clothes).
  • Bought myself a backpack and a teensy clutch purse.
    • Bailey says I’m going through a midlife (well, 1/8 life) crisis. I even got the same brand as Bailey and Sonja. It’s SWEET, though! It’s like a lilac-colored brand Seventeen (London), and it is DAH BEST.
    • Goodbye, purse which I’m probably gonna miss more than I know!
  • Unrelated, but I’ve felt a lot more like I fit into the group of my friends than I have for a long time.
    • Maybe we’re all starting to mellow, or maybe the fact that I just don’t hate myself anymore is the reason why … but wow. I don’t know – I’m just more at ease with them (& people in general but that was what I really noticed).
    • And yeah, I’m that annoying one with a boyfriend who I can’t shut up about, BUT I’M TRYING TO STOP. They encourage it. So I’m just gonna blame someone else until I can control myself a little better. #goodlifeadvice #definitelymakemeyourrolemodel #pleasedont #youllbesuperannoying
  • Related – I’m not sad as much.
    • Y’all know (or maybe you don’t) that I’ve been struggling. And I’m not as much. I want to write a post about this, but I’m not even sure I can – I’ll try, perhaps, in a way, but it’s tough, especially since it’s deeply personal. But there were some things I’d kinda been punishing myself with – allowing them to hold me back from joy – and I feel like I’ve let God take those over better than I have before.
  • I didn’t practice my saxophone enough.
    • #sadbuttrue
    • Cramming for a concert at the moment. (Did you know you can cram practice? Because I always do…)
  • I actually went on an actual date with Ian.
    • It was fun! We got brunch and then talked for like five hours, and it was great to see him because between college and some traveling he did, I haven’t really got to!
    • I don’t know why I’m telling y’all all this, but I’m excited, so. Just sit there and take it like I knew you would.
  • And now I’ve discovered the joys of audio messages.
    • I’m better at writing than talking, but sometimes I just need to talk to someone, so I’ve been … sending Ian really rambling annoying audio clips of me talking. (He does the same back, but still.)
    • He’s such a sweetheart, and I’m me. So basically I’m waiting to see how long it takes until I drive him crazy or really hurt his feelings …?
    • Hopefully not gonna happen, mate.
    • Hello, I’m Kelly, and I can’t shut up on the internet about my personal problems. How ’bout you?
  • Modern-day life is SWEET.
    • Like all my music is on my phone. All my stuff is in my backpack. All my necessary stuff is in my little purple clutch. My desk is in my bedroom. My coffee is in my personal mug (of which I have like three). All my apps are on the same device. My Kindle has a keyboard.
    • WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! Can you believe that the pioneers had to struggle through without any of these? YOU UNLUCKY SAPS.
    • That is all.
  • In a weird stage …
    • Where my personal life is really good, my writing life is non-existent, and my day job life is just … a lot?
    • Usually my writing life is BIG and BOLD and STRESSFUL, my personal life is a mess, and my day jobs are just … there. Pretty much not existing.
    • So I’m … trying to enjoy this weird stage? I would rather have a great personal life, a somewhat stressful writing life, and a basically nonexistent day job life. But that ain’t realistic, sugar, so we’re going with this.
  • Relaunched The Dressmaker’s Secret.
    • I’m so glad this book is finally out! I’ve also had a smattering of really good sale days, so I’m so thankful for that. Never really happened around a launch before!
  • Wrote most of a writing course I’m super excited for.
    • More on that to come later!
  • Busy, busy, busy…
    • I’m always super busy, but I’ve been feeling this a lot more lately. I just want to write, y’all. I really do – I’m not just saying that.
    • I’m making a goal to finish up Ivy Introspective (using weekends!) in February, but wow, when am I gonna do that? Still, gotta write to breathe, gotta breathe to live!

Related image

February 2020 Dares

  • Finish Ivy Introspective.
    • Main goal! I really want to get this done.
  • Recruit beta-readers for Ivy Introspective.
    • Okay, so, technically, I’m done with beta-reader recruitment. But since I feel that you all didn’t get enough of a chance to fill it out, and I know several people complained it wasn’t advertised enough, you can still fill out this form to apply for my beta-reading team.
    • Don’t get scared by the length. It’s all fun & games. I’m mostly trying to figure out what kind of content warnings to issue AND if we’re on the same page about some things. 😛
  • Figure out an editor schedule.
    • *whispers* I really suck as a client. But don’t tell.
  • Figure out how to improve At Her Fingertips.
    • Needs to happen. Specifically, I’ll make an outline and all that fun stuff.
  • Finish first six emails for writers and begin sending subscribers through them.
    • I’m a slow email list person, but I’m getting there!
  • Write the rest of the outline for the writing course.
    • Slow & steady wins the race! I think I’m at something like 4/8.
  • Consistently post on your blog twice a week.
    • I’m not being picky about whether that is Monday/Saturday or Wednesday/Saturday as long as it happens.
    • I may post an occasional review on Monday or Wednesday, too, so we’ll have three on those weeks.
  • Don’t worry about overarching themes. Just worry about getting the little things done well.
    • Big lesson for me. I can’t be continually obsessing about the big picture. Minute details are more important sometimes.
  • Get the Reveries Co. website back up.
    • It’s currently down, but is available here.




What are you planning for February? Tell me alllll the January things! Also, have you ever gone through a period where you’ve felt out of place with your friends? What kinds of posts would you like to see on this blog?

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14 Responses

  1. ??? this was much too fun to read. You haven’t been this… how to say… BuBbLy on how your blog for how long has it been now?? ? Must be a good sign, right?!

    And yyyeeees, I very much relate to not feeling in place with friends and then feeling in place (… and then not again? Life, man), so that actually made sense. I’m also pretty happy you’ve started posting on your blog again. It’s been a while and I’ve missed your posts!

    Good that you’ve had a nice January ?

    1. Yeah, I think I’m a bit more bubbly lately – mostly because I’ve despaired of ever getting anything done. 😉 Okay, not really, but sometimes it feels like that!

      Right!? Sometimes friendship is weird. Also, yes, I am, too! It’s fun for sure!

  2. Well, my January was pretty rainy and we got snow. For like a week. And I had to drive in it on the way home from work one day because it started snowing when I left work. (I am so grateful I have a 4-wheel drive) So yeah, that was fun. (not)

    My January also comprised of work. And going to a writing critique group with my dad, which we haven’t done in months! Also, I may be getting a cold. :/

    I also made it up to 21k on my WIP!! I’m about halfway there now!! I do need to adjust the pacing though…

    February, I’m going to try and finish the rest of it, but we’ll see how that goes. ?

    Also, I’ve started doing book reviews and it’s making me want to re-read some of them. And I’ve got to get better at reading the library books I borrow, because the last one I borrowed, I wasn’t able to finish because it went missing, and then I found it and tried to renew (because I found it on its due date) but apparently I can’t because someone else put it on hold. Oh well.

    I’ve also set myself a goal of finishing at least 3 books during the month.

    I think that’s it?

    1. It snowed here, too! It was so awesome … I got to drive in it quite a bit, but I also stayed home a couple days and just enjoyed it (because one of my jobs cancels when the school cancels), and yeah, that was great. I really wish it would snow more here! We get like one week when it snows a foot or so, then it doesn’t the rest of the year. 🙁

      That’s good progress! 😀

      1. I should probably clarify our snow is also usually wet snow and usually gone by the next day, or at least most of it. Considering I live on a mountain now though, our snow lasts a bit longer.

  3. One does not simply even. ?
    I’m notorious for finding weird not-really-funny memes absolutely hilarious so…yeah. I’m dying with you. ??
    I feel like the odd one out a lot and friends making you feel like you fit in… ?? That’s just the absolute best.
    Hope you have an amazing February!! ?

    1. Yup! There are so many funny memes.
      RIGHT!? It’s almost impossible to do so … 😛 And my friends really aren’t hugely risky, sooo? Yeah.
      I agree! And hopefully so. You, too!

What do you think of my thoughts?

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