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Two Years and a Day

As of yesterday, I’ve been blogging for two years. And, in the general scheme of things, two years isn’t a long time. However, in the general scheme of blogging … well, as a non-professional blogger, that’s semi-long, right? Right? (Oh, who cares what you think. It feels like a long time to me. Who are […]

Quick Announcement for Five Fall Favorites

Hi guys! We of the Five Fall Favorites blog party decided to up the stakes! If we reach 75 people entered in the Grand Prize giveaway, we will give a 2nd place prize of: a $5 Amazon Gift Card and Two Kindle Books If we reach 100 or more people we’ll give a 3rd place […]

Short Story Contest

I’ve decided to write a short story for Homeschooled Authors’ Short Story Contest. If you’re an author and love Jane Austen, you should definitely enter your story into this competition! The deadline is May 31th 2016. 🙂 What am I going to be writing? Well, I’m not giving you all the details, but it will […]