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How to Push Through a First Draft

I think we’ve already established that writing a first draft can be hard. There is beauty in it … but also great evil.* Okay, “great evil” may be overdoing it, but it’s definitely very difficult. The first draft is the point at which most authors give up on their story. They just stop writing, and another […]

Introducing “That Plot Bunny”

Apologies for this post being so late! I’ve been having a busy last couple days, what with school and work and writing and editing, and I haven’t found a lot of time to blog! Plus I spent most of my blogging time working on AAWC instead of my regular book posts. 😛 Now, a couple […]

Updates: The Lady of the Vineyard and Ivy Introspective

Hello friends (and … random people I don’t know … and … I just made your presence awkward … well,  I guess you can stay anyway *sigh*)! Today I’m going to ramble on about my novels considerably, so … you’ve been warned. Let’s start with Ivy Introspective, because … well, I just want to. I have […]

Back from “Hiatus”

I put it in quotation marks because, though I was technically not blogging for these last couple weeks, I published three posts (all reviews) during that time. 🙂 Well, guys, I’m back, well rested-up now. I’ve finished up school for the year, gotten through the terrors of band concert (which is actually not terrible … and a […]

The Dressmaker’s Secret: Updates

On Friday I got my paperback copy of The Dressmaker’s Secret! 🙂 I know; really exciting! Everyone I know is chastising me for not being more excited than I am. 😛 But I don’t usually get really excited about things. At least, I don’t usually jump up and down and scream when I’m excited. But enough […]