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5 Ways to Make Me Want to Read a Book

This post should be subtitled “and why you don’t probably want to do any of these things,” because I have WEIRD TASTES — and I’m also basic at the same time — so honestly, write a good book and don’t worry about who will and won’t like it. But all the same, since this is […]

5 Things to Do Before Summer’s Over

The way I see it, we still have one week of summer left. And a week is enough time to do something. Do something big. Do something amazing. Now, some of you may already finished your summers by starting school (*hisses*) or you may have graduated and therefore have a normal life in which summer […]

It’s My Birthday, And I’ll Post If I Want To

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE! I’M A BIT OF A NARCISSIST. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE! POST IF I WANT TO, POST IF I WANT TO! (You would post, too, if it happened to you!) (Which is has at least a couple times in your life …) (The real question is, WHY DO […]

TDS and IvIn Blog Tour: Day 7

Good morning, ladies and gents! We’ve only got a little less than a week of blog tour to go … and though that is sad (I want people to keep on talking about me – I mean, my books – forever), it’s also good that soon I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule. A […]

Vote for Me! ~all your wildest dreams will come true~

Some of you may have noticed this page. That’s right, guys. They’re electing the queen (or king) of the bloggers, essentially … only democratically … so, yep, time to elect me your president! How to do that? Well, it’s all explained in better detail here, but basically, you go to this page, read my promises, and […]

July Character Studies ~ Beliefs, Ideals, and Morals

Well, it’s time for another Character Studies! This time we have “Beliefs, Ideals, and Morals” for the subject. It’s a fun one. I’ve noticed that most people are doing unfeeling pessimists. Or perhaps that’s just me. At any rate, I’m doing a character I don’t know much about, so … maybe she’s an unfeeling pessimist. […]