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The Lady of the Vineyard Blog Tour, Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of The Lady of the Vineyard‘s wonderous book-release blog tour! Today we’ll be talking about things never before discussed (at least not with you, that is) … a potential serial-story/short-story sequel to TLOTV on Reveries? Preorder on Amazon ~ Add on Goodreads Remember to spread this around the web! It’d be a […]

Dares for September 2016

Hi everyone! You remember this post? I hope you do, because I’m not going to explain monthly dares again. 😉 Okay, allow me to tell you how my dares for August went! 🙂 Dares for August 2016 Reading Read ten books. Check! But one of those books has to be Persuasion. Check! And another one has to be […]