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Announcing the Springtime in Surrey Blog Tour & Launch Team Signups

Hey folks! This will be a short & sweet blog post … Will you join the blog tour AND/OR the launch team for Springtime in Surrey? You can click those links there, or you can read the descriptions below and decide what you want to join! Join the Blog Tour If you haven’t participated in […]

The Kees & Colliers Blog Tour Signups

Hello, ladies and gents! Today I have an announcement which I already announced a while back but which I’m just now getting back on with edits and a bunch of other crap behind me … Signups are now open for the Kees & Colliers blog tour! Which means you can now click here, sign up, […]

The Lady of the Vineyard, Blog Tour Sign-ups

A few quick updates before we begin … Giving away an autographed copy of The Dressmaker’s Secret on Goodreads. Actually making progress on Ivy Introspective! 😀 I’ve chosen some titles for The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 4. Vote here! Still looking for beta-readers for The Lady of the Vineyard. Well, guys, it’s time […]