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3 Old TV Shows You Should Watch {Part 1}

If you know me even a little bit, then you know that I love movies and TV shows. I may not be a fangirl in that I don’t tend to obsess over any one thing, but I do enjoy watching, quoting, and talking about these shows. Things is … I have somewhat weird tastes. Or […]

10 Reasons to Read Baby Mine

Hello readers! Today I’m going to share with you about a book you should definitely read … though more than a book, it’s a short story. Still, you should read it. Baby Mine is a 9,000-word historical fiction story about a little girl named Amaliya Preobrazhensky, her mother, and a man and woman who can […]

I Hate That I Love Pink

I hate that I love pink. Flowers, kittens, and puppies. Baby animals. It annoys me that my whole room is pastels and stuffed animals and dolls. I hate that I don’t just love stark things. And I have fairies lining my ceiling and crystals on my lacy curtains. I love romances. That I like reading […]

5 Tips for Finding Your Market {a writer’s guide}

As writers, whether we’re independent or working towards being published traditionally, we’re often given a piece of advice: know your market. This basically means “know who you’re selling books to.” Don’t be a person who says, “Oh, yeah, everyone will like my book.” Instead, focus in on the best readers for your novel—and sell to […]

Liberty vs. Anarchy: what is our freedom of choice?

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about the United States government making vaccinations mandatory. As a conservative girl, I see a lot of social media posts along the lines of “They are taking our freedom of choice.” When I read that, my mind went to “pro choice.” Can’t the people who believe abortion is […]

The Alice and Ivy Series {Past, Present, and Future}

Hey y’all! Lately I’ve been working a lot on prepping for the next books in the Alice and Ivy series (and spinoff serieses) as well as doing some edits of The Dressmaker’s Secret. Since I’ve been working on them, obviously they’re on my mind, and obviously I want to write a blog post about them! […]

5 Things Raised-Christian People Miss Out On

A couple days ago, I was filling out a sheet which had slots for things like the character’s lie and truth as well as, of course, backstory. I had the character’s faults, the lies he tells himself, and the truth he needs to learn … But why? Why does he act like that? I needed […]

March 2019 Dares

HEY THERE! I always forget February is a short month, and honestly, 28 is sooo much less than 30! But here we are. Still alive. I think. I feel like I’m not really up to writing this post, but I am anyway, which is dangerous. *squints at my words, wondering if each one sounds crazy […]