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Faith Alone | Blog Tour Wrapup

Well, ladies and gents, are you ready to see the complete line up of blog posts for the Faith Alone blog tour? Because I am! We’ve got some great reviews, interviews, and book spotlights from people of all walks of life! Which I think makes it a well-rounded blog tour which gives you some different […]

A Question of Loyalty by Jesseca Wheaton {Blog Tour + Review}

Hey y’all! Today I’ve got a review of A Question of Loyalty, a blog tour, and a giveaway! So a packed post indeed. And an exciting one! Y’all know how much I love this series. You can view my review of A Question of Honor here and A Question of Courage here if you doubt […]

Faith Alone | Blog Tour Intro and Mini Review!

Hey, ladies and gents! Today I’m privileged to share my review of Faith Alone along with the blog tour information (so lots of fun stops for you). I was just going to share the blog tour info, but I realized I had a lot to say about Faith Alone. (All good things, all good things […]

3 Old TV Shows You Should Watch {Part 2}

Well, at long last, we are back! I know I said this post would be coming a whiles ago, but things got crazy. (My life has been like that lately.) I’m seriously considering going back down to two posts a week. Thoughts? But, in the meantime, let’s talk about TV shows. I … have a […]

We’ve Come a Long Way, Mates

Hello, mates. I’ve been thinking about the future a lot – but, though my mantra could easily be “keep moving forward” (or “live in the moment; work for the future”), I love remembering the past, too. I’ve realized recently as I make plans for the future and think how to enact them in the present […]

3 Fun Ways to Plan for the Future

I have mixed feelings about planning for the future. One part of me is so thrilled for the future that I can barely wait and can’t stop dreaming about it. The other part of me is like, “Eh. That sounds boring. What will be will be.” So, to soothe both sides of me, I make […]

What Do Christian Politicians Say About Abortion? {Guest Post by Tori Easter}

Hello loyal readers! Wow, Wednesday already, and we have a guest post by Tori Easter! It’s about an exciting subject which I hope you’ll enjoy. And remember, I’m still open for guest post submissions, so you can click here to find out more! I would love to feature you on Reveries. Next time I hope to […]

I’m Looking for Guest Posts!

Hi there readers! As you probably know, I’m Kellyn Roth, the author of Reveries (this blog). I’ve been blogging since September 2015, and it’s been quite the journey. I’ve gone from writing for my mom and a few friends to an audience of over a  thousand who actively engage in my silly posts. (God has […]

Why YOU Should See the Unplanned Movie

Rather than do a review like a normal person, I am going to do a blog post that talks about the Unplanned film and why you should watch it. I saw this movie last Monday, and it was FANTASTIC! We had to go to Portland to see it, and it was a fun trip … […]

April 2019 Dares

HELLLLLLOOOO! March hit me hard. Like, really hard. And I have a ton of catchup. But let’s take some time to write a quick recap even though I’m dead inside. On a sidenote, CAMP NANO IS HERE! And I am so excited! I changed my project Monday to finishing up the Kees & Colliers series […]