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This Used to be a Quality Blog (& here’s why it’s not anymore)

The first part of the title is kind of a lie, but it got your attention, now, didn’t it? 😉 No, this was never a quality blog, but it was an UPDATED blog, which is something, eh? Nowadays, it’s not. Well, it is now, but in general, I’ve been struggling to find time for blogging. […]

The Beyond Her Calling Relaunch Blog Tour | A Post about Ivy and Jordy

In today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about Jordy and Ivy, who are one of my favorite couples. I decided to spend a little time listing my favorite things about them. So let’s getting into it! My Favorite Things About Ivy Knight She’s super sweet & innocent. Yet I wouldn’t call her naïve, not exactly. […]

In Which Denial is Just a River, Really {2021 Wrapup & 2022 Goals}

Dear 2021, First of all, how dare you? Okay, but more seriously … I AM IN DENIAL. IT IS NOT 2022! I always feel a little gobsmacked by the new year, but this time, it feels doubly so. 2021 was a wild year. Like, I always say that, but this time, it is so true. […]