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A Review of California

From the 10th through the 14th of March, we were in California. Oceanside, California, to be more exact. Actually, if we want to be 100% exact, we were on Camp Pendleton (my brother-in-law’s a Marine). I’ve already done this before and talked about it on my blog, so when I was trying to think of […]

A Guide to Commenting Etiquette

[Note: this is an old blog post. The takes in this post may no longer apply to what the author currently believes and/or the information may be outdated. Please take all that is written here with a grain of salt.] One of the most difficult things to master in the blogging world seems to be […]

Five Fall Favorites, Day 3: Serieses

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to my blog … and to my THIRD post in Five Fall Favorites 2017! I’m sure you remember the amazing blog party we did last year, and if you don’t, this invitation will give you the highlights:

5 (Absolutely True) Facts about Redheads

As you probably know (because I paste my face all over the internet like a conceited monkey), I have red hair. Well, it’s actually more auburn, but red is red is red. Even if it’s not. There are a lot of myths floating around about redheads. For instance, some people believe all redheads are witches. […]

February 2017 Dares

Well, it’s time for another round of dares! *shivers* Seriously, though, guys! How time flies! (Wow, I’m a poet! Which … is actually true … unlike most of the stuff I post on this blog … haha, what? I did not just say that …) Before you sink your juicy whites into this pearly post […]

Vote for Me! ~all your wildest dreams will come true~

Some of you may have noticed this page. That’s right, guys. They’re electing the queen (or king) of the bloggers, essentially … only democratically … so, yep, time to elect me your president! How to do that? Well, it’s all explained in better detail here, but basically, you go to this page, read my promises, and […]