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In Which Denial is Just a River, Really {2021 Wrapup & 2022 Goals}

Dear 2021, First of all, how dare you? Okay, but more seriously … I AM IN DENIAL. IT IS NOT 2022! I always feel a little gobsmacked by the new year, but this time, it feels doubly so. 2021 was a wild year. Like, I always say that, but this time, it is so true. […]

Welcome to Round 2, Peasants (e.g. my 2021 intro post)

As discussed in my 2020 wrapup post, 2021 is a year that is coming (very shortly), and as such, we must prepare for it with the knowledge that there is no such thing as preparation and all hope for the future is a lie.* I’m not going to begin this post with a long intro […]

Well, 2020 Was a Year That Happened

Well, 2020 was a year that happened. Technically is still happening. And I think, at least according to my 2019 wrapup, I might have cursed it a little? I mean … [W]hen I think about it, at least I know now what I can’t do – and I know that I can weather a storm. […]

April 2020 Dares & March 2020 Wrapup

Hey, only a week or so into April, and I’m already here! I’m getting better. Well, a little better. You know how tough it is to be on time when you’re busy … and stressed … and hiking way more than you ever have before … Everyone is going crazy, but I’ve chosen to stay […]

Kell’s Super Late New Year’s Goals and Plans and Suchlike

At last it’s come … The post you’ve been looking for for almost a week … Okay, I’ve got to stop doing that to y’all. The belief that your life is hanging on my every word is untrue. So let’s dismiss that from our thoughts. Even though I know that y’all can’t stop thinking about– […]

At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 6

IT’S THE LAST DAY OF THE TOUR EXCEPT FOR OUR WRAPUP!!! Wow. That went sooooo incredible fast! Did y’all enjoy it? Thoughts, comments?! Today is future day. That means we’ll be talking about novels I have yet to write, etc. It’s going to be beyond exciting! (Also, I’ll be sharing some spoilers on Facebook, so be […]