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Introducing My Short Story for Novelists in November

Well, with Novelists in November closing for submissions soon (so get yours in!), I am currently wrapping up my own short story which, if it works out well, I will be including in the collection! I had gone back and forth for a while about whether or not I’d be including a short story in […]

10 Reasons to Read Baby Mine

Hello readers! Today I’m going to share with you about a book you should definitely read … though more than a book, it’s a short story. Still, you should read it. Baby Mine is a 9,000-word historical fiction story about a little girl named Amaliya Preobrazhensky, her mother, and a man and woman who can […]

Plot Bunny Into Story?

Hiya, ladies and gents! Today I’m here to tell you how how to turn your plot bunny into a story (courtesy of me thinking about this a lot because that’s what I’m currently doing). Now, I’m by no means an expert, but I do believe I can offer some advice based on my personal experience, […]

More on The Lady of the Vineyard

In a post last Monday, I told you that I’m going to publish The Lady of the Vineyard on September 10th of this year. Well, that’s still holds true, and today I’ll be sharing a brief excerpt plus me rambling about my novella a little … which will happen, knowing me. First, the excerpt! An […]

Short Story Contest

I’ve decided to write a short story for Homeschooled Authors’ Short Story Contest. If you’re an author and love Jane Austen, you should definitely enter your story into this competition! The deadline is May 31th 2016. 🙂 What am I going to be writing? Well, I’m not giving you all the details, but it will […]