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99 Summer Goals for Writers

Are you ready for 99 summer goals for writers? I was trying to think of a great way to serve you as we enter the summer months, and I realized one of my biggest problems is … productivity. Summer is often unproductive for me. Even though I still work, I feel lazier and more tired […]

A (Brief) Tour of My Room and Random Poems

I decided y’all need a tour of a published author’s room so when y’all are published authors, you’ll have some ideas for décor. Okay, who am I kidding? I just want to show off my organizational skills … which are really awful, by the way. To fend off the boredom, I’ve got a bunch of random […]

Christmas In Theory

In theory, Christmas is a ton Of joyfulness and merry fun Of presents gifted from the heart Of puddings and plums and strawberry tarts In theory, fir needles never fall Off a tree, which isn’t too tall Or too short, too fat, too dead And Christmas carols don’t hurt you head By being sung just […]

Photography, Poetry, and Life

Another of my three-in-one posts. 🙂 First, the new YWP NaNoWriMo site is out! You can find it here: ywp.nanowrimo.org. I’m now know as RubyBell, though people can call me Kell still, of course. I’m pretty happy with the new site (especially since it’s just a beta site which doesn’t have all the stuff it will have over […]

Sunshine by Kellyn Roth

I know … I’ve been posting a lot of poems recently. 🙂 But it’s easy and fun and, honestly, I’m really excited to share them with you! They may not be masterpieces … but it takes me an average of fifteen minutes to dash one up, and I really haven’t time for a longer post this […]