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Guest Post: Five Great Summer Reads

That’s right … today we have a guest post! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those, hasn’t it? Today, Elisabeth of Mostly Styled will be recommending a few books to you (that could be read in the summer … or practically any time … but I’m gonna call them ‘summer reads’ anyway). […]

Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts by Grace Marshall

Title: Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts Author: Grace Marshall Series: Horse Haven, #2 Genre: Christian Young Adult Fiction Era: contemporary Setting: Missouri, USA Publisher: Grace Marshall Source: from author (in exchange for honest review) Overall Rating: 4/5 stars Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts by Grace Marshall A spunky kitten on a daring rescue, a neglected mare […]

25 Spoiler-Free Facts About The Dressmaker’s Secret

This post was inspired by Victoria Lynn, my fellow author and friend. Also, I think Abigayle Claire, author of Martin Hospitality (a book I keep meaning to buy a copy of and read), did something like this? I can’t remember. Anyway, lots of people inspired me to do this (although Victoria was the main one), and […]

Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis by H.L. Burke

Title: Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis Series: Nyssa Glass, #0.5 Author: H.L. Burke Genre: steampunk (science fiction) Age Range: upper middle grade/young adult Overall Rating: 4 stars Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis by H.L. Burke Orphaned cat burglar Nyssa Glass intends to outwit her rotten fate. “Adopted” by her incarcerated uncle’s gang of thieves, […]

Cover Reveal: The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective

That’s right, ladies and gentleman! And now, the event you’ve been looking forward to since the day you were born …. Okay, perhaps you haven’t been waiting that long, but several of you have commented in such a way that led to me to believe that there was some excitement about the launching of the […]

5 Things I Wish I’d Done Before I Published

Now, I’m not usually one to look back at past mistakes and actually care that I made those mistakes. In fact, I’m more of a, “Too bad, move on,” person. My selfishness, my maliciousness, and my utter lack of concern over the bad things I’d done is absolutely hideous. However, today I’m talking about what […]

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Title: The Selection Author: Kiera Cass Series: The Selection, #1 Genre: Dystopian Romance? Era: futuristic Publisher: HarperTeen Source: from library Overall Rating: 4/5 stars The Selection by Kiera Cass For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up […]

5 (Absolutely True) Facts about Redheads

As you probably know (because I paste my face all over the internet like a conceited monkey), I have red hair. Well, it’s actually more auburn, but red is red is red. Even if it’s not. There are a lot of myths floating around about redheads. For instance, some people believe all redheads are witches. […]

The Child from the Sea by Elizabeth Goudge

Today, I’m going to be writing a review in a more freestyle format. I read this book for school, and I kind of enjoyed it … and kind of didn’t. Title: The Child from the Sea Author: Elizabeth Goudge Genre: biographical historical fiction Era: 1600s Setting: England, Holland, and France Source: own a copy Overall Rating: […]

Completely Random Updates

Yesterday, I went through my list of post ideas and tried to pick one that would be perfect to publish today. I considered writing about how you should write, but I just posted about naming characters. I consider rambling about my books, but I’ve done that way too much already. Then I considered not posting. […]

What’s up with TDS?

The short answer to the title question is, “Important stuff.” However, I was never one for simplicity. (Actually, I am, but that’s beside the point.) The point is (wait, aren’t statements in parenthesis technically barred from the main text?) that I need a subject for a spotlight, and you need to know what’s going on […]

Five Once a Stratton Quirks

While writing my current works-in-progress, Once a Stratton, I’ve noticed a few things that just don’t add up … or are simply not supposed to be there. I decided, instead of calling them ‘errors,’ to call them ‘quirks.’ It’s my sneaky way of getting you to read about me being stupid without even knowing it. […]