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Sign Up to Support Like a Ship on the Sea

Hey folks! As you know, Like a Ship on the Sea is coming to theaters a book seller near you in a little over a month, and I want to make sure that YOU have an opportunity to … help me. I’m becoming my dad, who always says things like, “Would you like an opportunity […]

The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy [Review]

Time for my review of The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy! I actually read this book back in May and had so many mixed feelings that I needed some distance. I may have taken a bit too much distance. But in this post, I’ll try to remember sum up my opinions!

A Most Noble Heir by Susan Anne Mason {Review}

Hello ladies and gents! It’s been ages since I posted a review, but now I’ve decided it’s time for me to catch up. For the next two weeks, I’ll be posting a review (or mini review post) fairly often. I’m also working on updating my Goodreads shelves, getting reviews updated, etc. It won’t be every […]

Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 6

Welcome to Real Life Day, which is also day 5 (whoosh!) of the Beyond Her Calling blog tour! I’m going to be talking about the people, places, animals, and other miscellaneous things that inspired me while outlining and writing, helped me finish the book, helped me edit it, etc. Hang tight, because I have a […]

Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 2

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the second day of the Beyond Her Calling blog tour! I’m so excited to have you here. Today is theme day! I’m going to talk about the symbolism and the meanings and all that fun jazz – and of course the Christianity stuff. Without further ado, THEME DAY FOR […]

Beyond Her Calling, Blog Tour: Day 1

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the first day of the Beyond Her Calling blog tour! I’m so excited to have you here. Remember, there’s a giveaway, a Facebook party, and tons of amazing posts (as well as this one), so stick around! There’s something for everyone. Now, this post is going to cover a […]

A Dozen Books Reviewed in 10 Words or Less (+An Announcement!)

What? I can’t always put out amazingly fun posts. Though I hope you’ll enjoy this one! It isn’t exactly a normal review post. It’s a collection of short reviews (with a longer review included for those who want to know more). Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post, and even if you don’t, I’m offering a quick […]

Why I Keep Coming Back to the Victorian Era

Today’s post is going to be rather brief with some quick announcements. First, I was privileged to participate in this year’s Indie eCon! Be sure to follow the link to find out more about it. There’s a lot of amazing and informative blog posts going up on all different genres – and how to write […]

When Your Writing Just Isn’t Enough

Sometimes I think that writers have the lowest self-esteem of any creature on this planet. We constantly judge ourselves. We second-guess word choices, plot lines, even calling ourselves a writer. We can’t even tell others about our stories without blushing! Now, to a certain extent, it’s natural to worry about our creations like this. I […]

At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 5

Only two more days of blog touring! I can’t believe it’s going so fast! All the amazing bloggers as well as the readers who keep me going with their comments have made this time really fly. Today’s process day! That means we’ll be talking about how At Her Fingertips came to be thought of, brainstormed, outlined, […]

At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 2

YAY FOR THE BLOG TOUR! *can’t believe it’s starting* *is dying of excitement* Are you ready to have tons of fun? Wow, this month went fast! This tour may seem like I put it together carefully, but honestly, I’ve been rushed! Still, nothing bad has happened … yet. 😉 Today is historical day. This means we’ll be talking […]

At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 1

ANNNNDDDDDD … IT’S HERE! *insert excited wild crazy screaming* At Her Fingertips is now live on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format! Whoa … *takes a deep breath* I’m actually getting a little emotional here! This is my favorite book that I’ve written so far, and I can’t believe it’s out there. I can’t wait […]