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Reveries on My Life + Just Chillin’

It’s been a while since I clicked “new post” without either having a post written in another document or having a very clear plan of what I wanted to write. But, as I click on this post, I realize … I don’t want to always be that sort of structured blogger. Sometimes I want to […]

3 Reasons the Holocaust Could Happen Again

I hope the title gave you goosebumps, because it gave me major shivers to write on this topic. Without a doubt, Adolf Hitler’s 3rd Reich was one of the most scary and evil political regimes of the modern world. But surely, surely the Holocaust, a systematic slaughter of millions during WWII, could never happen again. […]

5 Reasons Adulting is Awesome

Hello y’all! I’m seventeen, and I’m not an adult. I graduated from high school and have some part-time jobs (on and off the internet), but I still live with my folks + don’t have to feed or water or walk myself. So. I am nowhere near qualified to write on this subject, but you know what? […]

A Fish + My Crazy Life + More Delays

We all have ’em … crazy months. This month has been cRaZy for me, but I’m still here – and you’re still here – and this blog is still here. Nice when there’s something to hang on to, like visual reality. ??? Great, now I sound like my mother. That’s fine, though. This post is going […]

Reveries on Fantasies and SciFies

First of all, I’m sorry for this post being so late to get out! You see, the internet went off Sunday at about 4:00 and didn’t come back on until … now. Wow. Nice job, Kell’s internet service providers. So obviously, though I had a post partly-written (in a document, lol), I didn’t get to […]

5 Reasons I Don’t Think Girls Should Only Wear Dresses

[Note: this is an old blog post. The takes in this post may no longer apply to what the author currently believes and/or the information may be outdated. Please take all that is written here with a grain of salt.] Y’all know I’m not a traditional Christian in some respects … and in others, I’m […]

5 Romance Tropes I Can’t Get Enough Of

Hi y’all! Today I’m going to tell you about 5 romance tropes I can’t get enough of. Why? Because they are perfect. Because we all need a little awesome cliché in our lives. Because originality is overrated, and why teach a old dog new tricks if you can just tweak the trick so it’s slightly […]

The Best of Intentions by Susan Anne Mason (+an important survey!)

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to post a quick review of The Best of Intentions by Susan Anne Mason followed by a quick authory update (because I have newssss!). Also, I hope to have some more awesome blog posts up later this week! For now, I apologize for not having any particularly awesome. But I […]

Who Won Kell’s 1K Contest?

Heyyyyyy, y’all! I’ve been crazy busy! *making up excuses for not getting stuff done* #likeapro #afakepro So yep, I went ahead and skipped this last week both because I was exhausted, sick (feverish symptoms? Might just be girl stuff, but who knows), and I had a bunch of stuff to do. Also, last week basically […]

Reveries Co. Blog Tour Wrapup

And here we are … the final day for the blog tour! ???? Never have five days flown so fast … and I’ve been crazy busy! This is the last day to score HUGE discounts from our service providers! Click here to check them out! Just so you know, you can still enter giveaways and whatnot […]

Welcome to Reveries Co!

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for … a book bundle giveaway, HUGE discounts, an amazing Facebook party, and more! Basically, we’ve got it all – and you are welcome to take advantage of them! Enter the giveaway, use the discounts (before they all run out!), and be sure to check out our social media […]